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15-23 Yaş Arası Orta ve Ağır Düzeyde Zihinsel Engelli Bireylerin İş Eğitimi Derslerinde Farklı Uyarlamalar
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Education of mentally handicapped children is a developing area in our country. The fact that there is not an efficient framework in the context of vocational education for Business Practices centers for The Education of Mentally Handicapped Children restricts the practices that are going on at vocational education workshops. The idea of diversification of activities and parctices encouraged us to create this Project. The primary objectives of the project are; - Observing the practices that are carried on in business practices lessons and in the workshops for medium and high level mentally handicapped children between the ages of fifteen to twenty three in European countries, - Gaining information about the methods, techniques and materials that are used in these practices, - Carrying our level of vocational to an upper level by comparing the information and experiences gained to the practices carried on in Turkey. Fourteen participants take part in our Project. These participants are composed of bachelor degree teachers who were graduated from Education of Mentally Handicapped departments of universities. While the Project is being carried on, the methodology of observing during the process will be used. By applying this method, teachers and students will be observed during the education in the workshops. The Project will provide the participants both the opportunity of self-assessment and the chance of observing differentiated and enriched methods and techniques in their indigenous environment by taking them out of their restricted fields. Increasing the level of vocational development of the participants and acquiring new points of views and a broader world perspective are in the expected effects of the Project. In accordance with the information and experience gained in the countries that will be visited, seminars and conferences will be arranged for the teachers of mentally handicapped, business practices teachers and to all other partners related to the matter in cooperation with the provincial and district national education directorates when we have come back to our country. With the purpose of evaluating the final results of our Project, after the seminars and conferences, surveys and questionnaires will be applied on voluntary participants of these organizations and results will be recorded. By creating a report out of the gained results, suggestions about the feasibility of the practices that are carried on in European countries in Turkey will be prepared and will also be presented to the authorities in charge.

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