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100km by bike in Brittanny
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As a result of an exchange for young people, which took place in Germany in August 2014, the 8 young participants from France have decided to propose Brittany as the host for a sequel exchange. After several meetings, discussions and resolutions, the young people, with the help of our association, have now agreed on proposing the following project: A 9 day long itinerant exchange from August 2 until August 10, 2015, with 32 young people between 13 and 17 years from four countries (Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria, France) who will meet to realize and carry through the 100 km long route by bike at the coast of Brittany. During the travelling exchange where the bike ride will be a sportive challenge while it for others will be walking, many themes will be addressed such as values of sport, good eating habits and road safety relevant to be travelling as a group. To respect and ensure optimal bike safety and to provide logistical aspects, two leaders per group and a third French leader will be essential. In addition to that two leaders will be the leading bikes and together with one truck, they will follow the group to carry camping gear, luggage, secure the group and alert other users of the road. General objectives for the exchange: - Create and strengthen relationships between participants on the basis of the discovery of different people and their culture, through a shared effort and the collective life. - Develop useful skills for young people such as: How to plan and prepare a route or a trip, the use of maps, learning to live as a part of a group, share ideas and discover different cultures, learning rules of road safety and sports. - Develop and encourage interculturality in sports and in addition to that also in the everyday life. By the usage of principles and methods of non-formal education all participants will be involved in this exchange, the composition and the realization. These methods are based on communication, responsibility, youth involvement and the participants’ awareness. Participants will prepare the exchange in advance through the presentation of their respective countries, the preparation of a theme party that each country will propose and contact via the Internet will be used to organise and start planning the first steps. During the exchange the participants get the opportunity to be entrusted with different objectives of the everyday life whether it’s in the effort, the mutual assistance, the execution of instructions or the organisation of community life, which is strongly influenced by the intercultural aspect. This will leave the participants with significant personal reflections regarding their position and future involvement in the society, individually and collectively. Each participant gets a logbook, which gives the participant the opportunity to write down impressions, new competences that have been developed, note and verify the itinerary and discoveries. The participants will also be in charge of the making of a ‘mini tourist guide’ in four languages about their circuit. They must therefor learn to transcribe information and experiences during the different stages. Furthermore a Facebook page will be made, which the participants will update every day in addition to summarize our steps, our experiences, anecdotes and discoveries of the day. The ‘Youth Pass’ will validate and identify the skills acquired during this exchange. The certificate will be very useful as it is a recognized certificate in Europe. The young people will share this experience and increase its value with their close friends, their future employers and/or teachers. Above all this exchange is a human experience where everyone will get to know oneself better and other people through sports, shared everyday life experiences, the discovery of new cultures and new environments. We hope that this experience will be rich in useful education and learning that can be reused and implemented through practice. We also hope that this experience will mark the participants future life and that the accomplished objectives and achievements will be preserved as well as the indelible memories.

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