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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project, which is based on creativity and European cultural tradition of research will generally be realized with the help of various working groups - theater, music, dance, creative (art) and media (photo, video). Their time together will be created performances for the "Journey through Europe" to the local community and young people themselves.Project working group: Youth centre "Bāze" staff and local young people with international experience in larger and smaller projects of Latvian and international level, and now the challenge - their own project. Latvian group members will also be young people who are the State Probation Service records and need them to integrate in society.Project from 17 September to 26 September (icluded travel days) brings together 35 young people from 7 different countries - Latvian, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Italy and Greece, by promoting an intensive and creative intercultural dialogue, as well as a new value creation.Project objectives are:1) young people from different countries to find an opportunity to meet, to develop intercultural dialogue, get to know the European countries, to be creative and give the opportunity to express,2) to develop friendly relations, the development of intercultural awareness and European citizenship, as well as prevent the development of attitudes, which should be directed towards fellow human discomfort inaudibility;3) to help young people develop their public speaking skills, creativity, self-confidence and faith in their ability to form a final measure;4) to work with children with special needs and imagination to create their European adventure.The project will be a challenge for each group along to find a European country "bit of an edge", to address the Gulbene public during the event. Prior to that, although intensive work will take place in groups, creating individual performances and changing traditional ideas about traveling in person to replace it with the imagination and the human sensory applications.Similarly, another joint activity will work with children with special needs, thus revealing the creativity of social and emotional dimensions.In 10 days will be carried out activities that provide the possibility of a variety of young people in risk of social exclusion for young people who have probation sight, gain positive experience and informal learning on the way to identify and learn the different artistic skills, develop social skills, self-confidence to promote their integration and participation in society. It is important activities that encourage young people's motivation and awareness of their own responsibility and the importance of achieving the objectives of the initiative and creative self-expression, so the project is the most applied method will be "learning by doing" as well as the young people's active participation in activities and decision-making process.We would like to "Journey through Europe" really recall the specificity of each country with which the youth center has encountered implementing youth projects and receiving foreign volunteers and get ready for the next project activities.

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