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1 year at 1CEBA!
Start date: Aug 18, 2014, End date: Aug 17, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We would like to host 3 volunteers, each of them would spend one year at our association. Veronika and Cagdas would start their one-year-long volunteering in September 2014, while Anastasia after this period, in September 2015. All three of them would perform their volunteering tasks in close cooperation with the project coordinator of 1CEBA, helping the coordinator during her work. The volunteering would take place in the 1CEBA’s office in Budapest (1012 Budapest, Attila út 131. III./14.), eight hours daily. Personal commitment, foreign language skills and volunteering experience were the criteria based on which we have chosen those three people whom we have considered the most appropriate. Veronika Kissiova is a leading member and active volunteer of the Youth for Understanding Czech Republic and European Educational Exchanges – Youth for Understanding (EEE-YFU) associations. She has already participated in part-tasks of event organization connected to youth (Young European Seminar 2013 -YES 2013, Orientation Express – an online game and learning tool). Her mother tongue is Slovak, has excellent English, German and Czech language skills and she is determined to learn Hungarian as well – at the moment she is undertaking a Hungarian language course. For her would be a great asset to take part in a long-term volunteering activity in Hungary, for she could develop her Hungarian language skills in a native surrounding. Myasnikova Anastasia Andreevna speaks perfect English, graduated from Economics and Management to Enterprise, was an active member of youth politics associations’ activities, and undertook part-tasks in event organizations for handicapped and economically and socially disadvantaged youth. This is the area where they would like to stay active and find a job in the future. Cagdas Duman is currently active volunteer, participating in many international events and local implementation. Our several-years-long experience reveals that on an institutional level there is a significant need for professionals bearing with such insight and knowledge as members of our institution, with special focus on associations and organizations founded for the youth and their initiation. Our aim is to move beyond the youth’s knowledge about EU mobility programs to its ability to live with this opportunity and use it, and so experience Europeanness in its more complete form. To pass on all the knowledge the 1CEBA has acquired during the 5 years of its functioning to the volunteers spending one year at the association is our most important goal. We want them to be able to transfer and adapt everything they learn to their associations, where they are active members also now (and remain after the volunteering at 1CEBA as well). After the one year spent at 1CEBA they spend one month at their sending organization where they transfer all the gained knowledge and practical mechanism they have learned at 1CEBA. This step is for the sending organizations particularly beneficial and useful because in 90% they deal only with long-term mobility programs, lacking the information and knowledge about short- and midterm EU application types for professional practice abroad. The reason why help from 3 foreign colleagues/partners (especially preparations before the travel, assistance during the orientation connected to professional practice taking place in Hungary and evaluation lessons) is for our organization important is that, based on our previous experience, the participants taking part in the project get in touch with such cultural differences, unexpected difficulties and complicating circumstances than can be understood only by people who have taken part in this kind of project themselves. Our volunteers can help and support the youth undertaking this program from a different aspect, standpoint, thus making the preparations, orientations, mid- and final evaluations more effective and more useful. An opinion of a person from an analogous age category and who himself/herself takes part in a similar project is much more credible and grounded. The 1CEBA from the gained experience, achieved results, voluntary reports and program description during the one-year-long volunteering activity creates a presentation in English enriched with photos and videos. It will be published on its webpage (, available also in Hungarian and Italian), sent out to its Hungarian partner schools and foreign partners who will be suggested to publish it on their websites as well (Evolvo S.r.l -, Austraining Lern.Ziel GmbH - , Luminosus n.o
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