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1+2 Language Training
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Historically Clydemuir Primary School has delivered German to children in Primaries 6 and 7. In compliance with the Scottish Government's 1+2 strategy, in 2014 we started to deliver West Dunbartonshire's Spanish programme to all classes throughout the school. Locally it was decided that the second additional language would now be French and we therefore commenced the delivery of a French programme to Primary 6 and 7 in 2015, utilising our one member of staff who had previously completed the MLPS French course. The upcoming national requirement will be to roll out French lessons from Primary 5 upwards. This will potentially entail 6 classes requiring tuition in French, for which we do not currently have a sufficient number of qualified personnel to deliver. We therefore believe that the attendance of 2 members of teaching staff and a Learning Assistant on the French Immersion course is necessary to enable the school to meet these national and local authority requirements. As we are committed to continuously improving and building on embedding Spanish within our school ethos and curriculum, we fully support the Continuing Professional Development of all staff in Spanish. We therefore hope to allow another member of the Senior Management team (SMT) the opportunity of completing the Spanish Immersion course. This will also enable the SMT to work together to track, observe, evaluate and assess the teaching and learning of Spanish throughout the school. It will also allow classes to benefit from being covered by a professional who can use Spanish confidently within the classroom. The attending member of SMT will be able to support new teachers at the school in their Spanish delivery and will use her acquired language skills in the delivery of whole school assemblies.After the training it is planned that the attending French teachers will work collaboratively to develop and provide a programme of French lessons for all pupils in primaries five to seven, utilising the resources provided on the course. The Learning Assistant will provide invaluable support to the teaching staff through modeling conversation, creating stimulating displays and using French outside the classroom.We envisage that the completion of the French immersion course will provide the participants with the necessary linguistic skills and knowledge required to create and deliver a progressive, engaging and accurate programme of learning experiences for our pupils. In addition to this the increased abilities of the staff members will allow us to better utilise our existing link with our partner french school and possibly develop further links, communicating via e-mail and Skype.We will build on our current momentum for European culture and languages by holding both Spanish and French theme days within school. Links will be strengthened with the Modern Languages department of the local high school. We will hold information evenings and workshops for parents so that they can be more involved in their child’s learning of our target languages. We will be able to offer after school opportunities in language learning as a result of more qualified staff. Being able to achieve the above would result in the pupils of Clydemuir Primary becoming more motivated and engaged in learning the languages. The school approach to the teaching of French will be overhauled and new ideas from the participants of the immersion course will be incorporated into an improved teaching methodology of European languages. Continuing links with foreign partner schools will allow the children to use their language skills in a real context and would help to promote the idea of global citizenship. The children will have access to authentic French artefacts and resources which the participants will have brought back from France. Parents will also gain a wider knowledge of France and its language as they will be invited to attend information evenings and workshops where they can work alongside their child on French activities.It is hoped that fostering a positive attitude towards learning languages in the primary school will result in our pupils being more aware of their role in the UK, Europe and the world and will understand the importance of being able to communicate with other nations. We hope they will then feel motivated to continue their studies further thus making them good prospects for future employers.
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