Margit Kinyik

 Sociology and Economic Research
 Digital Agenda for Europe

: Apr 1, 2024

About Me

Margit is a senior expert of Sociology with a 20+ years of work experience.  Experienced in research, digital skills & competences development, monitoring & evaluation, quality assurance and project management. Prior to becoming a freelance expert in 2012, she had spent 13 years in the non-profit sector. As a consultant, I am interested in contributing to international projects and also open to explore new fields.

Key Qualifications:

  1. Non-profit organisation management and project management 
  2. International project management (EC projects)
  3. Sociological research (quantitative and qualitative, psychometric research)
  4. Academic activities (lecturing, publishing, academic writing)
  5. Monitoring & Evaluation of international projects (design and implementation of internal/external project evaluation based on OECD/DAC criteria, deliverable review, risk management, data management based on GDPR).
  6. Monitoring & Evaluation of national projects (in Hungary) and assessment of proposals (on-site monitoring / assessment of proposals related to employability) 
  7. Quality Assurance of international projects (setting up and evaluating quality indicators, quality management, quality review of outputs and outcomes).

Key Sectors of Expertise:

  • Mapping and pilot research of digital skills & competences based on DigDomp Framework, identifying and understanding digital skills needed to different areas of life, developing and evaluating (online) self-assessment tools.
  • Enhancing social inclusion and employment by the improvement of digital skills & competences, creating and evaluating e-learning training materials and platforms.
  • E-care (innovation of social services with ICTs) and enhancing the quality of life of older people.
  • Decentralisation of social services and innovative social services (enhancing ‘contracting out’ social services by NGOs in Hungary through research and training programmes).
  • Capacity building of Civil Society Organisations (policy-making, active citizenship, e-participation, voluntary work, social economy) through research, publications and innovative projects.

Fields of Expertise:

 International Cooperation
 International Project Management

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