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: Jun 6, 2016

About Me

Who we are ?

Pascale Charhon is a Brussels based Consultant in European Affairs providing  services in the area of European Union policies through CHARHON CONSULTANTS  since 2012.

Pascale Charhon works for European civil society organisations and trade unions from a whole range of sectors and operating at EU and national levels.


 Professional profile and experience

  • Seasoned Public Affairs Specialist with 15 years’ experience supporting organisation’s with the management of their European ‘Public Affairs Strategic Agendas; 
  • Proven track record in the field of  Public Affairs Advocacy and Communications;
  • Very good knowledge and access to key  EU decisions makers and  professional networks operating in Brussels;
  • Demonstrable experience working with  trade unions and civil society organisations in culturally diverse environments;
  • Sound academic education in EU affairs;
  • Bilingual French –English with knowledge of Spanish and German.


  • Key EU’ policy and legislative issues covered : Fundamental rights protections, Non-Discrimination, Non-standard work, Industrial relations and Social Dialogue, European Work Councils, Hate Crimes, Equality and Diversity, Gender, Education and Training Social Affairs and Employment, Europe 2020, Education and training 2020, Creative Europe;
  • A very good understanding and experience of working with the European Union institution’s, policies and procedures;
  • Mastering the design, management and delivery of PA’ strategies covering  diverse EU issues and topics;
  • Ability to carry out desk research, edit reports and synthesize key information;
  • A track record of writing and producing a range of written materials to very good English for a variety of audiences;
  • Organizational and administrative skills to work efficiently and autonomously, as well as part of teams.


Public Policy Strategic Planning, Applied Policy Research,  Policy Briefs & Reports, Stakeholder ;

Fields of Expertise:

 Disadvantaged People
 Gender Equality
 Minority groups
 Education and Training
 European Politics
 Migrants and Refugees
 Human Rights

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