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Ana Cristina F. C. Paixão Casaca

 Maritime transport

: Mar 14, 2019

About Me

I am an experienced evaluator of R&D proposals. I hold a PhD in International Transport/Logistics from the University of Wales-Cardiff, and my thesis focused on the “Competitiveness of Short Sea Shipping in Multimodal Logistics Supply Chains”. Over the last 18 years, I have been an External Expert for the European Commission, evaluating R&D/CEF proposals within the scope of maritime transport. In parallel, I have carried out other projects. I have delivered training and been invited, since 2002, to peer review academic papers submitted to well-known international Journals and performed technical translations. I am a Member of the Research Centre on Modelling and Optimisation of Multifunctional Systems (CIMOSM, ISEL), Maritime Business Review Associate Editor, Journal of International Logistics Editorial Board Member, Universal Journal of Management Editorial Board Member,  Frontiers in Future Transportation Review Editor, Journal of Shipping and Trade Guest Editor. Altogether, this work has allowed me to gain immense knowledge of the maritime industry and develop a range of competencies (see below), which can be transferred from R&D to the industry. Finally, I am Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) and Member of the International Association of Maritime Economists (IAME).

Fields of Expertise:

 Maritime Affaires and Fisheries
 Business Management
 Technical Writing
 Article Writing

Evaluations of Pre-submission Proposals

Evaluate your proposal to improve your chances of success!

This service is thought to estimate in advance your winning proposal evaluating the very last draft proposal before starting with the submission process. It is a way to reduce the risk of failures as well as to improve your weaknesses points and to increase the winning chance of your call.


A great number of proposals are rejected because they fail to fulfil one or more requirements set by the call for proposals they refer to. Having your proposal assessed by an expert before submission, can provide valuable feedback to improve your proposal and increase the chance of getting your idea funded.


Project proposals, beside being pertinent and innovative, should comply with many different criteria, ranging from a robust logical framework, to standards for expected results and outputs, sound workplan’s structuring, appropriate budget allocation, etc. Furthermore, they should match funding programmes’ and instruments’ priorities and contribute to the achievement of the set goals.


The service Evaluation of Pre-submission Proposals provides an evaluation of the proposal from an evaluator’s perspective, following the official award and selection criteria, including a thorough study of the call’s documents and a detailed review of the project proposal. Up2Europe experts bring added value to your proposal thanks to their:

  • Solid experience in the evaluation of project proposals in the framework of different EU funding programmes and instruments
  • Deep knowledge of the programmes’ and instruments’ priorities and objectives and of their official selection criteria
  • Strong understanding of proposal writing, project development and implementation.

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Draft Proposal Review

Give your draft proposal to an expert

Proposals are often rejected because they lack clarity and focus or they are not understandable and engaging for the evaluator, not necessarily an expert in the field. Let an expert review your draft! The fresh insight of an UP2EUROPE expert on your draft proposal is essential to increase the quality and effectiveness of your project idea, giving you more chances of getting funded.


Proposals must describe clearly and consistently the project’s idea and approach, including explanation of objectives and expected results, relevance for the selected call for proposals, topic and geographic area, innovative methodologies and activities, etc.  Furthermore, they should be understandable and appealing for non-technical people and should demonstrate the significance of the project for those outside the field.


The service Review of the Draft Proposal provides a thorough review of the proposal, including proof-reading and suggestions of revised text, coherence check and precise comments for improvement. UP2EUROPE experts bring added value to your proposal thanks to:

  • experience of working with EU funds: deep knowledge of programmes’ and instruments’ priorities and objectives and of their official selection criteria
  • a technical expertise differing from those of the consortium and a sound understanding of proposal writing,  project development and implementation
  • a new view:  having a fresh pair of eyes on the proposal can bring up some typos and inaccuracies overlooked by the authors.


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Ideas in Progress
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Target Calls

Here are the calls I'm working on.

 Marine and Coast
 Gender Equality
 Aerospace Technology
 Maritime transport
ExpectedOutcome:Projects are expected to contribute to some or all of the following expected outcomes:Improved security of maritime infrastructures and maritime transport, including sea harbours and their entrance routes;Improved detection of illicit and dangerous goods and/or of threats hid...
Deadline Nov 23, 2022   - 97 days
 Education and Training
 Higher Education
 Youth Exchanges
Objective:The overall objective of this action is to create European partnerships of teacher education and training providers to setup Erasmus+ Teacher Academies that will develop a European and international outlook in teacher education. TheseAcademies will embrace multilingualism, language awareness and cultural diversity, develop teacher educ...
Deadline Sep 7, 2022   - 19 days