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: Feb 10, 2016

About Me

SYNERGY EUROPEAN is a smart and flexible Firm, specialising in Culture & Creative Sector, EU Funding, Project Development, Project Management, Strategy and Policy Making ;We work with Public Authorities and Private Sector, identifying & prioritising cultural aims and goals, designing innovative policies & strategies, implement Creative & Cultural Mapping ;We provide services in all phases of EU projects. From the development of the initial idea, to a successful application and submit your project for funding to the EU Managing Authorities. From building genuine and long-term partnerships across Europe, to assist you all the way through the implementation process of your project.

SYNERGY EUROPEAN can help you develop long and short-term European Funding Strategies, including specific recommendations on how to get the most out of working in Europe and internationally. Having regular access to all information available for European Union’s funding opportunities, and with a rich network of co-operating thematic experts at European Member States, we are able to offer added value services in areas such as Culture, Social Issues, Employment, Governance, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Environment, Research, Citizenship etc


Fields of Expertise:

 Urban Development
 Creative Industries
 Cultural Management
 Culture and Development
 Cohesion Policy
 European Union
 Partnership Management
 International Project Management

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