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: May 3, 2016

About Me

Hello, my name is Nino Vranešič and I am connecting IT and Society.

I’m organized person and big fan of Information Technology in general. People often describe me as perfectionist with a great desire to constantly improve and learn. I’m a team player willing to adapt to the needs of the team.

I'm also conceptual leader of the biggest community organized Open Source conference in Slovenia called Open Way.

My current professional title is Bachelor of social and information science. During my time on faculty I have gained Silver Nahtigal Award - recognition for young people research work awarded by University and research center of Novo mesto.

My academic research field is closely connected with Mozilla, Open Source and Open Web. Some of my research papers titles:

   - Business models based on open source software: case of Mozilla.
   - Open Web as opportunity for development.

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Fields of Expertise:

 Project Management
 Partnership Management
 Technical Writing
 Academic Writing

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