Stanislav Stanev


: Jun 22, 2016

About Me

Key qualifications - over 25 years of general professional experience of which over 22 years of continuous experience in:

  • EU and international financing institutions funded projects in several sectors – environment (EU and EIB), labour and social policy (EU funded), home affairs (EU funded), regional development (EU, CEDB, EIB funded), transport (EU funded), civil society (EU and EEA – Norway/Liechtenstein/Iceland funded) under the framework of PHARE, ISPA Programmes,  European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) including Cross-Border Cooperation and Transnational Cooperation Programmes and IPA Programme - financed from EU pre-accession and structural funds
  • Project management – technical and financial (identification, appraisal, programming, implementation, monitoring, evaluation) of international donor financed projects
  • Procurement of services, supplies, works and grants - tender dossiers, tender evaluation, contracting using EU Practical Guide (PRAG) or Bulgarian Public Procurement Law
  • Performing project monitoring and evaluation, programme evaluation, financial control/audit
  • Training and mentoring in the procedures of international donor financing and implementation (European pre-accession instruments – PHARE, ISPA, CARDS/IPA, Structural Funds) as regards project cycle management and specifically – programme and project management and implementation, procurement of services, supplies, works and grants and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Elaborating manuals and guidelines including methodologies, procedures, organisational structures and training programmes for institutional development, capacity building/strengthening and/or management/implementation of EU-funded programmes and projects
  • Drafting strategic documents, studies and reports – development strategies, financial and cost-benefit analyses, feasibility studies, compliance assessment reports, etc.

Fields of Expertise:

 Audits and Controls
 Cross-border cooperation
 Transnational cooperation
 International Project Management

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