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: Dec 5, 2016

About Me

i2CAT Foundation is a non-profit research and innovation centre which promotes mission-oriented R+D+i activities on advanced Internet architectures, applications and services. The centre stands up for a new open innovation framework, fostering the collaboration between companies, public administration, the academic environment and ;


Internet has produced a superabundance of data, information and networks. The next step is to advance in the research and innovation of an Internet based on intelligent systems and smart ; The Internet of knowledge and creativity is the new challenge to face.

The i2cat vision for the next 10 years is a networked smart world, a collaboratory based in a new generation of networked intelligent technologies and systems, a co-creating platform between machines, people and the environment for a sustainable and smart ; 

I2cat is prepared to become a key international R+D+i partner in the field of Internet Technologies helping companies to foster their innovation and generating a new digital society and economy.


i2cat is a mission-oriented research center. Our goal is to develop advanced Internet technologies to the benefit of government, companies and citizens of Catalonia and the rest of the world. In cooperation with these partners, our research and innovation units want to produce technologies and solutions with the aim of converting Catalonia into a leading global smart region in a Smart Europe, with a flourishing added-value economy and an innovative society.


i2CAT has a wide experience in multiple national and European R+D+i  projects, leading research lines in new fixed & mobile network architectures, wireless sensor networks, and content-based multimedia technologies, with the aim to develop new products, services and applications in the fields of eHealth, Smart Cities & Smart Regions, Advanced Manufacturing and ;

User-driven innovation

Internet is breaking down the traditional top-down model of innovation. New distributed co-creation and user-centric processes are the results of an open distributed network like ;

In 2006, i2cat was recognized by the European Network of Living Labs as the first “open living lab” in Spain and one of the first in ;
Nowadays, i2cat continues to develop new methods for user engagement, based in a combination of traditional applied anthropology techniques and new approaches based in user-centered design and technoanthropology theories.

i2cat manages the Catalonia Lab, the consortium of all the living labs in the region, and it has been instrumental in launching the BCN Laboratori, the user-driven living lab of the city of Barcelona.

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 IT for Heritage
 Digital Humanities

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