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: Mar 21, 2017

About Me

Established in 1995 FV Marketing is a company located in France specializing in helping small businesses to obtain public funding for their R&D projects, through regional, national and European grants.

Currently, FV Marketing actively supports around 60 hi-tech SMEs both in France and in Europe.

For this FV Marketing relies on a range of expertise that helps to support an innovative company:

  • Joint expertise in both technology and marketing to establish an overall vision that combines a clear understanding of a company’s technical challenges and commercial ambitions
  • Proven skills in transforming strategic analysis into a clear business plan and a marketing policy
  • Expertise in the innovation process and the economic feasibility of the project as well as its business plan and its commercialization.
  • Expertise in a wide-range of subsidies, loans, grants, etc. for the development of a company, from the financing of the R&D to exports & international development.

At the European level, FV Marketing helps its clients find partners and cooperate with companies from other European countries on transnational projects.

Fields of Expertise:

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Start Up
 Project Management
 Financial Management
 Financial analysis
 Technical Writing
 Business Writing
 Financial Writing

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