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: Jun 6, 2016

About Me

+30 years of experience in the ICT sector. Pioneering (since 1990) in Internet deployment, policy and governance, at national and international level.

Experience in local as well as in international environments at various levels of company hierarchy. Thus allowing me to evolve into an excellent and strong team player.

As a manager my strength lies in my analytical skills to formulate long term vision yet to implement pragmatic enough short term problem solving where and when needed.

Advisor to national and international government and organisations with specific scope on cyber security and global solutions for cross-border disputes and discussions.

Being an Internet pioneer since 1992 in Belgium and partly Europe, he intensified his activities promoting internet for everyone at national level. Many years of ICT experience (more than 30 years already today) are the basis of his down-to-earth approach while deploying ICT infrastructures in companies and public organisations, such as outsourcing activities of the Flemish government (2001-2003).

Permanently involved in the discussions on domain name management and governance, he was asked to advise public bodies and organisations with regards to the launch of new GTLDs program of ICANN. Rudi is actively involved in ICANN as the chair of NPOC (GNSO).

The Internet Governance Forum is one of Rudi's topics on his radar, while permanently focusing on the deployment of good policy and governance at national level.

Board member of several national and international organisations he enjoys of the knowledge and experiences of many high level qualified colleagues across the world.

Fields of Expertise:

 Technology Transfer
 International Cooperation
 International Project Management

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