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UAB DPU Systems

 Enterprise and Industry
 Start Up

: Mar 22, 2019

About Me

Successful IT development for growing your business. We have already working products which can be acquired as white label:
- Exchanges (Forex, Cryptocurrency, Various trading platforms)
- ICO Platform
- SAF (Social Analytical Funding System) aka PAMM social trading system
- Payment system
- Billing system
- Back Office
- Cloud mining platform
- Fraud control system
- Ticket system
- P2P trading platform
- Affiliate system
- Live chat software

Our expertise covers Big Data, Software as a service, Internet of things, Blockchain and Smart Contracts, Cloud computing, Quality Assurance, Business Analysis, Security, R&D, UI/UX etc. Software solutions developed by our specialists allow enterprises of any size and industry to manage their businesses efficiently and at the same time significantly improve their general business performance.

Fields of Expertise:

 IT Applications
 Financial analysis

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