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 International Cooperation

: Mar 16, 2016

About Me

I am a strategic, intercultural project manager. I have been working for EC funded projects in public organizations (FEDER and FP7 funds). I am now proposing my skills and competencies as a free-lance/independant project manager or coordinator.

I can organise communication events (kick-off, final event, mid-term assembly meeting...), coordinate workpackages activities and ensure respect of deadlines and milestone, create tools to communicate inside a consortium (intranet) that would ensure a smooth flow of information between all partners, liaise with EC and negociate adjustment, ease botllenecks, collect information and write down annual reports, ensure compliance with the consortium agreement, organise communication tools on the project (website, events, leaflet...)....

On one side, I have a first background in agriculture sciences and rural development in developping countries. I have work on project dealing with forest fires prevention (forestries) and nutrition policies (health).

On another side, I have skills in theater, dance, performings arts, culture policies production and event organization.

Fields of Expertise:

 Rural Development
 Development and Cooperation
 Performing Arts
 Creative Europe
 Interregional cooperation
 International Project Management
 Article Writing

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