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: Mar 3, 2017

About Me

Dyvolve Ltd is a trusted advisor to a number of organisations in a wide range of industries.

Dyvolve is highly experienced in fields of sustainability strategies, low carbon technologies, energy and resource optimisation, with a focus on transport, especially urban mobility (SUMPs, public transport, cycling, e-mobility etc.), including operations and infrastructure, strategic to project level.

We strongly believe in the future of clean and efficient transport in urban areas, and are happy to participate in its development - by developing ideas, designing project concepts, identifying funding sources, preparing project applications, developing needed studies or by simply managing your project.

Dyvolve is committed to helping clients achieve tangible competitive advantages while embracing and progressing on sustainability agendas, creating viable business ;Whether your organisation is a large public entity, an innovative small enterprise or an international corporation, we can help you reach your goals.


Fields of Expertise:

 Marine and Coast
 Low-Carbon Technology
 Urban Development
 Sustainable Transport
 Project Development
 Project Management
 Partnership Management
 Project Planning
 International Project Management

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