Javier Martinez Bajo

 Business Management
 IT Applications

: Jun 6, 2016

About Me

Extensive 17+ years of experience gained in IT/Management consultancy firms, being instrumental as Business Analyst (Product Owner) and Process Improvement Consultant, as well as Project/Product Manager for ITOps Transformation initiatives.
Have handled various assignments which were strategic priorities for the client’s core business.
Also have worked closely with the senior management executives of various organizations and helped
them to roll out applications to their global customer base, re-engineer their business processes, analyze outsourcing deals and decide on optimum transition strategies.
Proven ability to analyze problems, investigate alternatives, and design solutions to improve business systems and operational processes which reflect high level objectives, with experience in a number of public and private domains including regional government, healthcare, education, logicstics, software, Internet, retail, arts, publishing and media

Fields of Expertise:

 Maritime transport
 Relationship Management
 International Project Management

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