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Deadline: Jun 22, 2016  

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URBACT networks are approved through competitive calls for proposals. For 2014-2020, different calls for proposals for the 3 types of networks will be launched. 



Transnational exchange and learning networks are one of the core strands of activities of the URBACT programme. They aim at supporting European cities with the design and implementation of sustainable integrated urban policies. Depending on their local situation and needs, cities may join URBACT by taking part in 3 different types of networks:

  • Action-planning Networks: supporting cities in addressing a policy challenge by producing an integrated action-plan
  • Implementation Networks: supporting cities with the delivery of an existing integrated urban strategy/ action-plan
  • Transfer Networks: supporting cities in adapting and re-using a good practice to enhance their urban policies


URBACT networks are created by means of competitive calls for proposals. For 2014-2020, different calls for proposals shall be launched for the 3 types of networks. The provisional calendar is as follows:

  • March 2015: call for the creation of 20 Action-Planning Networks (already closed: 21 action-planning networks ongoing)
  • March 2016: call for the creation of 15 Implementation Networks (see below link to bottom part of the page)
  • March 2017: call for the creation of 15 Transfer Networks
  • 2018: call for the creation of 20 Action-Planning Networks



The new URBACT call for proposals for the creation of up to 15 Implementation Networks is now open. It will remain open for 3 months, from 22 March to 22 June 2016.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 22 June 2016 at 03.00 pm CET.


The main objective of Implementation Networks is to improve the capacity of European cities to implement integrated strategies for sustainable urban development. This call targets:

  • cities from the EU 28 Member States, Norway and Switzerland
  • that already have an integrated urban strategy/ action plan addressing a specific policy challenge
  • and secured funding to finance the implementation of this strategy/ action-plan

Joining an URBACT Implementation Network will allow you to work with other cities and enhance the policies that are a priority for your city, be it related to economic development, urban renewal, housing, mobility, social inclusion, energy efficiency, low carbon urban environment, etc.

You will also explore a number of challenges related to the implementation of your integrated urban strategy or action-plan, among which:

  • How can your city foster an integrated approach when implementing the action plan?
  • How can your city involve local stakeholders in the implementation stage?
  • How can you measure impact achieved through the policy intervention?
  • What steps have you got to go through to build the project pipeline (preparing projects, organising calls for projects, supporting project delivery)?
  • What are the prerequisites to organising decision-making for delivery?
  • How can you move from strategy to operational action-plan?
  • What can Public Private Partnerships bring to the implementation of your strategy?
  • How can you set up smart public procurement?
  • How can you enhance funding through financial innovation?



  • URBACT III - Call for Proposals Implementation Networks
  • Letter of Commitment templates:  Template for Lead Partner,  Template for Project Partner
  • URBACT III Programme Manual - Factsheet 2B – Implementation Networks (for information on objectives, expected outputs, partnership, work plan, budget and expertise)
  • URBACT III - Guide to Implementation Networks (to be available shortly)



The application procedure is outlined in the call for proposals. Applicants shall create and submit their applications in English through the online platform SYNERGIE-CTE. This platform will be available shortly.



To facilitate partner search during the period of open calls a platform will be available shortly where potential applicants can post their project ideas and contact details.



Candidates Lead Partners will select and propose their Lead Experts from the online database of validated URBACT Experts.

The URBACT III Pool of validated experts is available here.

A Call for Applicants for the pool of URBACT Experts has been launched and will stay open on a permanent basis.




  • URBACT III - Operational Programme (approved 12.12.14)
  • URBACT III Programme Manual, and more especially:
  • URBACT III Programme Manual - Factsheet 1 – The URBACT Programme (for information on the Programme objectives, strategy and main thematic objectives covered)
  • URBACT III Programme Manual - Factsheet 2D – Network Creation (for information on the procedure for network creation, including eligibility and assessment criteria)
  • URBACT III Programme Manual -Factsheet 2E – Network Management (for information on roles and responsibilities of Lead Partner and partners for project management)
  • URBACT III Programme Manual - Fact Sheet 2F – Financial Management and Control (for information on eligible costs, accounting, certification of expenditure, audits) – (under approval by the programme Monitoring Committee – available from 10 April 2015)
  • URBACT LSG Toolkit (produced for networks under URBACT II, it is still highly relevant for future Implementation Networks)
  • FAQ
  • PPT Presentation of URBACT Implementation Networks 



Kristijan Radojcic, Networking Officer k.radojcic@urbact.eu

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