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TRIANGLE First Open Call for Extensions [OC2]
Deadline: Oct 31, 2016  

 Electronics and Microelectronics
 IT Applications
 Innovation & Research
 Mobile technology
 Digital Society

The TRIANGLE project will have a number of Open Calls or funding opportunities, commencing in October 2016 and concluding in early 2018.

Type of participants: The profile of call participants is SMEs, larger companies and/or research institutions which are active in research and/or development of 5G components.

The TRIANGLE project implements a test bed emulating realistic 5G scenarios (such as dual connectivity or heterogeneous handover). To complement and improve the current functionality, the project is looking for companies and research institutions interested in providing further extensions supporting or expanding the 5G benchmarking capability. Benchmarking 5G applications and devices is very dependent on the final networking scenarios that can be reproduced in the test bed.

The selected extensions will be integrated into the current TRIANGLE test bed by the selected proposer and be made available as technology to be used as part of the 5G Triangle benchmarking and experiments.

Extension description: The consortium is open to receive proposals having the objective to expand the current test bed capability. A list of potential extensions is suggested here as example. For each proposal extension it is strongly encouraged to express your interest such that technical feasibility check can be done upfront the call evaluation procedure to ensure feasibility of the proposal.

  • Devices: Innovative pre-commercial hardware platforms to be used as UEs for IoT, public safety, D2D. The devices could become reference devices for testing apps or open platforms for experiments.
  • RAN: Innovative solutions for access nodes in regulated or unlicensed spectrum, including C-RAN, eMBMS support, Mobile edge computing…
  • Core and Transport Network: Advanced EPC components compliance with standard functions defined by 3GPP or with widely accepted interfaces, including IMS, eMBMS, NFV deployment. Hardware/software innovative solutions for advanced SDN/NFV based networking.
  • Benchmarking capability expansion: New hardware/software probes or processing tools to produce KPIs related to QoS/QoE of new Video services.

The consortium is also open to other idea and suggestion which are not listed above, with the only objective to build and expand the capabilities of the TRIANGLE test bed.


Extension requirements:

  • APIs for all components available to the consortium in order to allow automation.
  • Support from the proposer to integrate the platforms in the test bed (some person months are expected).
  • Provision of additional components if they are non-commercial (e.g. devices).
  • Provision of reference applications to initially deploy and use the proposed components.
  • The proposer will be supporting the project and the extension functionality until the end of 2018.


Benefit to the applicant: Access to an early 5G E2E test bed in which your technology can be installed, demonstrated, tested and used.


Duration of the extension work

The maximum allowed duration of the work to include the extension is expected to be 6 months. Extensions are required to be supported and functional until the end of the project (End of 2018)


Expected proposal size

Target extensions are around 50,000 Euros to 100,000 Euros, we can accept smaller proposals if they make sense


Total budget for experiments

100,000 Euros


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