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Town twinning 2016 - second deadline
Deadline: Sep 1, 2016  

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This measure aims at supporting projects bringing together a wide range of citizens from twinned towns around topics in line with the objectives of the Programme. Priority is given to projects targeting the priorities annually defined for this measure.

By mobilizing citizens at local and Union levels to debate on concrete issues from the European political agenda, this measure will seek to promote civic participation in the Union policy making process and develop opportunities for societal engagement and volunteering at Union level.

Twinning must be understood in largo sensu, thus referring to the municipalities which signed or are engaged to sign twinning agreements as well as to the municipalities having other forms of partnerships fostering their cooperation and cultural links. 

Selection procedure

In addition to the general eligibility, exclusion, selection and award criteria described above (see 2.1 to 2.3) the following specific eligibility criteria for Town Twinning Projects have to be fulfilled. 

Specific criteria for Town Twinning Projects

A. Applicant and partners 

1.Type of organisation 

Towns/municipalities or their twinning committees or other non-profit organisations representing local authorities.

2. Number of Partners
A project must involve municipalities from at least 2 eligible countries of which at least one is an EU Member State. 

B. Project nature and dimension

1. Number of participants
A project must involve a minimum of 25 invited participants. "Invited participants" are international participants4 sent by the eligible partner/s.

2. Budget
Maximum eligible grant for a project: 25 000 EUR

3. Venue

The activities must take place in any of the eligible countries participating to the project.

4. Eligibility period/project duration

The project must start within the relevant eligibility period, which depends on the deadline of the Measure within which the application is submitted (see Calendar).
Maximum duration of the meeting: 21 days. 

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