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Validation and Demonstration Engineering
Deadline: Mar 16, 2016  

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Topic Description
Specific Challenge:

The application of common System Engineering (SE) methodologies to develop Verification and Validation Infrastructures (V&VIs) and Verification and Validation Platforms (V&VPs) needs to be generalized to all SESAR solutions for V2 and V3 maturity levels including Very Large Scale Demonstrations (VLSD) projects. The lack of strict application of Requirements and V&V guidelines will represent an issue in the SESAR 2020 programme. It is required a system engineering data management is implemented across the programme to ensure that coverage matrices and traceability matrices (between operational & performance requirements vs. technical requirements, between validation objectives vs. operational & performance requirements etc.) are available to support the content integration work. The granularity of available evidences (SE data and deliverables) need to be homogenous and with the sufficient quality to guarantee their usability and significance for the SESAR Community.

A challenge for the SESAR 2020 Programme is to identify and detail a set of strategic validation tools and interoperability solutions that could improve the SESAR 2020 validation process (supporting several partners and/or several projects validation needs and thus improving cost-efficiency).


The System Engineering and Validation project is responsible for the specification of long-term shared developments on the V&VIs, becoming an enabler for validation activities. Specific activities are:

  • Maintenance of the SE Data Management Framework (SE-DMF): Development and maintenance of processes, methods and tools for SE data Management (based on a Data centric approach) to allow capturing SE data in a structured way ensuring consistency, coherence and coverage analysis at Programme level;

  • Validation and Demonstration Infrastructure Development Support and quality assurance: Monitor the application of V&VPs, V&VIs and Demonstration Platform Development Methodology;

  • Support to SESAR Solution Maturity Lifecycle and Gates: Provide, per SESAR solution, traceability matrices between operational and technical requirements and the validation results and coverage matrices of associated elements of the Integrated roadmap (SESAR Solutions, OI steps and Enablers);

  • Maintenance of the V&VPs, V&VIs and Demonstration Platform Development Methodology: Maintain and improve the V&VPs, V&VIs and Demonstration Platform Development methodologies to be applied by the SESAR solution and VLSD projects and provision of training.

  • Maintenance of V&V platforms and Demonstration platforms catalogue: Maintain the catalogue of the V&V and Demonstration Platforms and associated documentation describing their current capabilities and their planned evolution.

  • Support the communalization of validation tools: Identification and selection of strategic validation tools and interoperability solutions, produce technical specifications, interoperability requirements and conformance criteria applicable for the different simulators, tools and V&VIs and provision of guidance and support to SESAR Solution and VLSD projects.

Expected Impact:

This project will deliver a V&VPs, V&VIs and Demonstration Platform Development Methodology as well as a System Engineering Management Framework, a V&V platforms and Demonstration Platform catalogue, Technical specifications for common Validation Tools and Interoperability solutions, Traceability and coverage SE data reports to support all validation activities throughout the Programme..

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