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SWIM Infrastructures
Deadline: Mar 16, 2016  

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Topic Description
Specific Challenge:

System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Technical Infrastructure (TI) Air-Ground (A/G) Solutions are required for supporting Information Exchange Services and SWIM-enabled Applications for the future ATM System. Further work is required to mature and validate SWIM A/G solutions (SWIM Technical Infrastructure purple profile) for advisory services and for safety critical services, federated identity management, a common runtime registry and civil-military interoperability. The Project has also to contribute to SWIM related activities dealing with standardisation, governance, registry, cybersecurity, communication infrastructures (e.g. ATN/IPS).

  • SWIM TI Purple Profile for Air/Ground Advisory Information Sharing: Development of SWIM A/G infrastructure necessary to support ATM operational improvements that depend on A/G information exchanges to enable better situational awareness and collaborative decision making. This includes the specification of technical architecture and functions that are required to achieve full interoperability between air and ground SWIM segments and meet the safety and performance requirements required by airborne operations.

  • SWIM TI Purple Profile for Air/Ground Safety-Critical Information Sharing. It will complement the Air/Ground SWIM Purple Profile for advisory services. Specifications will have to be defined to support safety and security requirements allowing exchange of safety critical information It will focus on distribution of safety-critical information through A/G SWIM infrastructure and ATN/IPS networking, rather than legacy point-to-point contracted services.

  • SWIM TI Federated Identity Management; shareable functions, when realization could be performed once for the benefit of several function users and be used by other SWIM-TI functions from various SWIM profiles. It includes the specification of requirements on the underlying communication infrastructure.

  • SWIM TI Common runtime registry: analysis of standards and technologies, definition of the interfaces for publication, lookup, management and network of registries, definition of non-functional requirements such as, for instance, performance and availability, design, definition and experimentation of distinct topologies (including federation of distinct run-time registries), provision of prototypes of runtime registries in support of validations with one or more different technical architectures.

  • SWIM TI Green Profile for G/G Civil Military Information sharing: Interoperability and security aspects are to be addressed. There is a need to ensure that the protocols and data models used in military systems can be interfaced with SWIM with the adequate quality of service levels maintained. A new SWIM Profile for SWIM G/G Civil-Military interoperability may need to be defined.

Expected Impact:

SWIM Technical Infrastructure performance shall be aligned with the needs of operational activities. Cost Efficiency of operating air/ground communication systems are expected to be greatly improved.

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