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Partnering environment for FET flagships
Deadline: Mar 1, 2016  

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Topic Description
Specific Challenge:

To support funding and coordination of partnering projects (PPs) of the two Flagships.

PPs are projects supported by national/regional funding agencies and/or by private funding. They are addressing areas relevant for the Flagships and contribute to their objectives. Their role and activities and their integration into the Flagships were described in the above mentioned Staff Working Document[[SWD(2014) 283 final of 16.09.2014]].

The aim is to bring together national funding agencies from Member States and Associated Countries to fund such PPs, as well as supporting these and other PPs in their networking, coordination and participation in Flagship activities.


Proposals should address a single of the two following subtopics:

a. ERA-NET Cofund action: one follow-up action to the FLAG-ERA ERANET ( aiming to coordinate national and regional research programmes to fund PPs of the two Flagships through a joint transnational call for proposals (resulting in grants to third parties) between several such programmes complemented by EU co-funding, possibly followed by further calls for proposals without EU co-funding. The action may also organise additional joint activities between the participating funding agencies in support of the two Flagships.

b. Coordination and Support action: one action will be funded which will support all of the following points, for both Flagships:

  • the participation of PPs in meetings, workshops or other relevant activities organised by the Core Project of each Flagship;
  • the participation of PPs in the governance activities of each of the Flagships;
  • the networking and coordination of the PPs for helping them contribute to the research roadmaps of each Flagship and for disseminating their activities to promote Flagships at the regional/national level.

Proposals under this subtopic need to demonstrate how they add value beyond the activities already foreseen in the Flagships to liaise with PPs.

The action under this subtopic should be driven by (one or more) stakeholders representing relevant scientific communities.

Expected Impact:

a. ERA-NET Cofund action

Closer coordination and greater mobilisation and pooling of resources between regional, national and EU research programmes for realising the research goals of the FET Flagships;

b. Coordination and Support Action

Creating mutual benefit between the PPs and their Core Project, enhancing the impact of the Flagships on national and regional research programmes and fostering the role of PPs in the governance of the Flagships.

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