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Gathering knowledge and exchanging best practises to on measures to prevent illicit drug use in line with the minimum quality standards in drug demand reduction
Deadline: Jun 2, 2016  

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Topic Description


Priorities of the year, objectives pursued and expected results

Illicit drug use is a major problem for individuals, families and communities. There is an increasing trend of polydrug use, including licit substances like alcohol and illicit substances. In addition, there is an increase in new psychoactive substances. Young adults are especially at risk. The aim of this action is to prevent and delay the age of onset of illicit drug use. It should generate and promote new and innovative good practices of prevention measures (in particular measures aimed at preventing polydrug use and use of new psychoactive substances), thus supporting the EU Action Plan on Drugs and the implementation of the minimum quality standard in drug demand reduction.

Description of the activities to be funded under a call for proposals

The activities should aim at testing methods/tools and at identifying good practices on preventing illicit drug use and delay onset of use. A particular focus should be given to prevention measures aimed at young adults to prevent polydrug use including alcohol and the use of new psychoactive substances. The measures considered should address risk factors such as age, gender and cultural and social factors, drug use in night life settings and work place and driving under influence. In addition, prevention measures in settings such as prisons might be included. The focus of activities should be aimed at selective preventions targeting vulnerable groups (in particular lower socio economic groups) The internet and its role in distribution and as knowledge base should be taken into account.

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