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Topic Description
Specific Challenge:

To support the maturation of novel research topics and structuration of the corresponding communities in the FET domain, in complementarity and synergy with the FET actions directly funded by the Commission, and while fostering cross-fertilisation and synergies between the supported topics and communities. This reflects that the participating funding organisations share the objectives of the FET programme and would amplify its funding and activities through this ERA-NET. The overarching goal is to enhance the construction of the European Research Area in the FET domain, by sharing a common vision of the various efforts in Europe in this domain and fostering cooperation towards the coordinated development of these technologies.


Proposals should coordinate national and regional programmes for research in the FET domain by implementing a joint transnational call for proposals (resulting in grants to third parties) with EU cofunding. Proposers are encouraged to implement other joint activities related to the coordination of public research and innovation programmes, such as transnational networking, meetings and technology transfer activities, as well as additional joint calls without EU cofunding. These activities should in particular cover the following areas:

  • Share information on existing research programmes, strategic research agendas and technological roadmaps, among research funding organisations and with the relevant other stakeholders;
  • Jointly identify emerging topics where transnational cooperation and support to community structuration is most needed, in complementarity with the FET programme;
  • Develop strategic agendas for these topics and accompany the structuration of the related communities though workshops and support to transversal activities.
Expected Impact:
  • Amplification of the support to FET topics at the national level;
  • Faster emergence of technologies through enhanced coordination;
  • Identification and emergence of candidate FET Proactive and FET Flagship topics and communities;
  • Enhanced complementarities and synergies in Europe in the FET domain.

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