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4D Trajectory Management
Deadline: Mar 16, 2016  

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Topic Description
Specific Challenge:

The SESAR concept is based upon the fundamental element of trajectory sharing. The ultimate goal is a trajectory based ATM system where actors optimise business and mission trajectories through common 4D trajectory information taking into account users priorities and ATC constraints. The objective is the sharing of the trajectories between the ATM actors including Airspace Users through an iterative process to take into account more accurate data once available (e.g. intentions, MET forecast, current traffic, airspace management). This will allow the Airspace User to choose the preferred way of integrating ATM constraints when required.

The notion of Reference Business Trajectory (RBT) in trajectory based operation is also not well defined. There is a need to agree in more details on the elements that will constitute the RBT and understand how these will be used operationally.

Studies are needed to consolidate the global integration of military users' processes in the network and to consider additional Airspace Users (e.g. RPAS).

The new ATM Solutions will need better trajectory predictions and additional data exchanges between systems.

The ambition of new ATM Solutions is to manage a gate-to-gate trajectory, thus the surface (taxi) trajectory needs to have greater coherency with the airborne part of the trajectory, through better coordination of the stakeholders and systems.

Inconsistencies between various sources for aeronautical (AIM) and meteorological (MET) information will be further removed and so that airspace users, the Network Manager and ATC are enabled to establish a common operating picture with respect to the available infrastructure and the meteorological conditions.

It is required to facilitate the coherent design of solutions for managing flight information across the System of Systems architecture, driven by operational requirements elaborated in the various ATM SESAR solution projects.


This project will define the trajectory management services fulfilling the requirements expressed by ATM Solution projects using trajectory aims through the following solutions:

  • Improved mission trajectories: to enable smooth integration of military operations in the ATM network. Improved and harmonised Operational Air Traffic (OAT). Mission Trajectories will be integrated in Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) environment throughout all phases of trajectory planning and execution (SMT/RMT).

  • Integration of trajectory management processes in planning and execution: to improve sharing of trajectory information and to clarify roles and responsibilities regarding Shared Business Trajectory (SBT) and RBT revision and update processes. Consolidation and extension of the trajectory and flight plan information exchange technical solution to provide the infrastructure enabling seamless operation and trajectory sharing in response to the need of the SESAR Solutions.

  • Management and sharing of data used in trajectory (AIM, METEO): to enable the use and integration in trajectory processes of the most up-to-date and suited information, in terms of quality of service requirements.

  • Performance-Based Trajectory Prediction: through data exchange between air and ground and the use of other sources in order to support all advanced operational processes required in S2020. The solution looks at how the trajectory predictions for ATC, FOC and NM can be improved taking into account all possible data sources (legacy or not).

Expected Impact:

The project will contribute to:

  • Interoperability by sharing the same trajectory view between air and all ground actors;

  • Predictability by improved trajectory accuracy and sharing information updates throughout the flight;

  • Flexibility by matching the trajectory with the Airspace User needs;

  • Flight efficiency: flight is managed closer to its optimal profile.

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