Support for simple programmes – Union quality schemes - SIMPLE-01-2018
Deadline: Apr 12, 2018  

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 Consumer Protection


This topic covers information provision and promotion programmes aiming at increasing the awareness and recognition of Union quality schemes as defined in Article 5(4)(a), (b) and (c) of Regulation (EU) No 1144/2014

The objective is to increase the awareness and recognition of the Union quality schemes:

(a) quality schemes: Protected designation of origin (PDO), protected geographical indication (PGI), traditional speciality guaranteed (TSG) and optional quality terms;

(b) organic production method;

(c) the logo for quality agriculture products specific to the outermost regions of the Union.

Information and promotion programmes targeting Union quality schemes should be a key priority in the internal market since such schemes provide consumers with assurances on the quality and characteristics of the product or the production process used, achieve added value for the products concerned and enhance their market opportunities.

One of the expected results is to increase the levels of recognition of the logo associated with the Union quality schemes by the European consumers knowing that, according to special Eurobarometer (No 440), only 20% of Europeans consumers recognise the logos of products that benefit from a protected designation of origin (PDO), 17% for a protected geographical indication (PGI) and 15% for the Traditional Specialty Guaranteed, these being the main Union quality schemes. In addition, only 23% of European consumers recognise the EU logo of organic farming.

The expected ultimate impact is to enhance the competitiveness and consumption of Union agri-food products registered under a Union quality scheme, raise their profile and increase their market share.

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