Support for multi programmes – Information and promotion in sustainable sheep/goat meat production - MULTI-A-2018
Deadline: Apr 12, 2018  

 Fisheries and Food
 Rural Development
 Sustainable Development
 Water Resource Management
 Climate Sciences


This topic covers information provision and promotion programmes aiming at highlighting the sustainable aspect of the sheep/goat meat production.

NOTE: Sheep/goat meat proposals are also eligible under Topic C and Topic D. For sheep/goat meat's programmes proposed under Topic C, to avoid overlaps, the message shall be different than the sustainable aspect of the sheep/goat meat production (except if sheep/goat meat is associated with (an)other product(s)).

The objective is to highlight the sustainable aspect of sheep/goat sector which counts as the most extensive livestock production system and plays an important role in nature protection and keeping biodiversity. Small ruminants' herds graze around 80% of areas facing natural handicap in the EU and have an active role in keeping rural population and maintaining grassland and pastures. Actions shall highlight the environmental sustainability of the production, stressing its beneficial role for climate action and the environment.

Actions will for example address how the product(s) promoted and its/their production method(s) contribute to: climate change mitigation (e.g. reduction in greenhouse gas emissions) and/or adaptation; biodiversity, conservation and sustainable use (e.g. landscape, genetic resources); sustainable water management (e.g. water use efficiency, reduction of nutrients or pesticides load); sustainable soil management (e.g. erosion control; nutrient balance; prevention of acidification, salinization).They may also highlight the active role of the extensive sheep/meat breeding in keeping rural population and in maintaining grassland and/or transhumance grazing pastures.

The expected ultimate impact is to increase the awareness of the merits of Union agricultural products by the European consumers and to enhance the competitiveness and consumption of the concerned Union agri-food products, raise their profile and increase their market share.

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