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Social innovation practices to combat homelessness
Deadline: Dec 14, 2023  
- 83 days

 Capacity Building
 Social Innovation

  • Create new forms of service delivery are implemented and tested for a more supportive environment for homeless people;
  • Improved capacity and knowledge for preventing and combatting homelessness;
  • Increased support to the full implementation of the Social Pillar Principle 19 and the Lisbon Declaration on the European Platform on Combatting Homelessness;
  • Strengthened cooperation between stakeholders working in the homelessness sector.

This call aims at piloting and evaluating innovative projects and/or policy measures addressing homelessness and housing exclusion. By testing integrated approaches to homelessness, covering areas such as prevention, access to housing, including housing-led approaches, and enabling services, it shall contribute to prevent and combat homelessness in line with the Pillar principle 19 and the Lisbon Declaration on the European Platform on Combatting Homelessness.

The objective is to support capacity building of innovative multi-stakeholder governance structures and/or social experimentation at local, regional and national level of innovative forms of service delivery in the areas of homelessness and housing exclusion, including new forms of collaboration with public authorities. It should complement other work strands (e.g. data collection and mutual learning with Member States) of the European Platform on Combatting Homelessness. The purpose is to select and support a limited number of intermediaries in the greatest number of Member States, capable of:- building the capacity and knowledge of a large number of local, regional and national stakeholders including through the creation of formal and informal networks in the fields covered by the call.- promote social experimentation and the evaluation of innovative practices in the field of homelessness and housing exclusion

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