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Smart technologies for improved travel companion and trip tracking - S2R-OC-IP4-01-2017
Deadline: Mar 30, 2017  

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Specific Challenge: 

In the Shift2Rail Master Plan, IP4 is focusing on proposing a new seamless approach for door to door journeys, with all services from all transport modes easily accessible to the passenger. This seamless access will be enabled by a “travel companion”, using advanced human-machine interface features, adapted to the services to be displayed, the environment, and the passenger preferences. Real-time information addressing all the steps of the journey needs also to be proposed to the passenger, including a special focus on foreseen delays and/or disruptions, and real-time re-accommodation of the remaining part of the passenger’s journey (rerouting and rescheduling) when necessary. 

Starting from an existing but simplified mock-up of travel companion, already developed in the initial phase of IP4, the challenge remains to radically enrich the end-user experience, by improving the interaction of the passenger with the companion. Another challenge is to enhance the tracking of a journey using smart mechanisms, for instance developing prognosis of possibly upcoming disruptions, using decision making process to define when and how the journey of users can be affected. 


The proposed research should address all the elements described below, in line with the S2R MAAP (TD4.4 and TD4.5). The proposals should cover the following R&I activities: 

 Development of new tools allowing better interaction between the passenger and each of the services (shopping, booking-ticketing, tracking and business analytics) provided by the IP4 environment47. 

 Development of enhanced human-machine interaction, complementing those developed by on-going IP4 activities49. 

 Ensure that novel and accurate/robust scalable positioning techniques for localising travellers in various transport modes, including within stations, can be interfaced with the travel companion. 

 Additional mechanisms to track a journey, based on the collection, elaboration and integration of real time and historical data from diverse sources will be developed. 

 Development of forecasting mechanisms able to predict the remaining part of the trip of a passenger will be developed. To improve the forecasting accuracy, the models could take into account (e.g. based on a correlation analysis) external variables including but not limited to environmental conditions (e.g. weather forecast, time and traffic, seasonal and periodic peaks, events spotting) and their presumable effects. 

 Complete existing ontologies and define open interfaces and open specifications which support the development of these new functions. 


47 Please check the latest IP4 documention available on the Shift2Rail website at http://............... 

The activity is expected to provide specifications and interfaces, and a software toolkit with prototype demonstration at TRL4-5. Further integration in operational environment will be achieved within the activities led following the topic S2R-CFM-IP4-02-2017: IP4 overall integration and demonstration. 

The action that is expected to be funded under this topic will be complementary to the actions that are expected to be funded under the topics: 89 


 S2R-CFM-IP4-02-2017: IP4 overall integration and demonstration 

 S2R-CFM-IP4-01-2017: Technical framework for attractive railway services, in order to achieve consistency and ensure integrated system level delivery of IP4 concepts. 


The action expected to be funded from this topic will also be complementary to actions carried out following the topics: 

 S2R-CFM-IP4-01-2015 – Shopping, booking and ticketing of multimodal travel solutions 

 S2R-CFM-IP4-02-2015: Travel companion and tracking services 


As specified in section 2.3.1 of S2R AWP for 2017, in order to facilitate the contribution to the achievement of S2R objectives, the options regarding 'complementary grants' of the S2R Model Grant Agreement and the provisions therein, including with regard to additional access rights to background and results for the purposes of the complementary grant(s), will be enabled in the corresponding S2R Grant Agreements. 

Expected Impacts: 

Activities are expected to contribute to the social acceptance of the overall IP4 eco-system. Innovative new interaction concepts should enhance the passenger experience by turning any journey into a seamless and enjoyable experience, adapted to the user’s profile and the evolving situation, easily accessible to those with disabilities and reduced mobility, thus contributing to a larger adoption of the public transport. 

Robust mechanisms to analyse, qualify and quantify potential delays, variations and/or disruptions and their impact on the passenger journey, together with precise and individualised guidance will provide a smoother multimodal experience, and a real alternative to private transport modes. 

Specific metrics and methods to measure and achieve impacts should be included in the proposals, with the objective to achieve by the end of the S2R Programme the quantitative and qualitative targets defined in the S2R MAAP related to TD4.4 and TD4.5 in line with the relative planning and budget. 

Type of Action: Research and Innovation Actions 

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