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SMART Call for Projects (Eureka)
Deadline: Mar 9, 2018  

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SMART Call for Projects aims at helping EUREKA manufacturing enterprises to adapt to global competitive pressures by developing the necessary enabling technologies to support advanced manufacturing across a broad range of sectors.

Is your company looking for collaborating with international partners, in the implementation of new manufacturing processes, advanced production equipment or gaining skills in how to manufacture the products of the future? Then SMART EUREKA Cluster Call may be the perfect tool for you.

SMART is the EUREKA Cluster promoting collaborative, international & close-to-market R&D&I projects in the area of advanced manufacturing, a key booster for the competitiveness of the industries, the social sustainability and to address the needs of citizens and the environment. SMART promotes the creation of challenging projects, where large industries, SMEs, academia and research organizations could collaborate as an ecosystem with well defined market orientation.

This first SMART cluster call will be launched on 11th December 2017 followed by a Brokerage Event where proposal promoters and potential partners will be able to interact, exchange and network in an open and creative environment.

SMART Call will follow a 2-stages procedure, having each of them the following characteristics:

  • Project Outline (PO): the intention of this short document (approx. 15 pages) is to provide an overview of the project, its main objectives, partnership and impact. Those positively evaluated POs are invited for the second stage. Deadline 9th March 2018.

  • Full Project Proposal (FPP): describes the project implementation plan in detail, the advance beyond the state of the art and the exploitation and financial plan. Deadline 11th June 2018.

Approved FPPs will receive the SMART Label.


Eligibility and evaluation criteria

Project consortia need to have at least two different partners from two different countries supporting SMART Cluster Call, of which one must be a EUREKA Member Country and another one either a EUREKA Member Country or a EUREKA Associated Country. Those EUREKA Member and Associated Countries supporting SMART Cluster Call appear listed in the SMART Cluster web page.



  • Do you have a consortium comprised of at least 2 industrial companies from 2 different participating countries?

  • Does your project have a civil purpose? 1

  • Is your project innovative? Does it have a strong market orientation?

  • Does every participant contribute with less than 66% of the overall project budget?

  • Does every participating country contribute with less than 66% of the overall project budget?



SMART Project Outlines and Full Project Proposals will be evaluated and selected according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to SMART Program

  • Quality and efficiency of the implementation – Project planning and consortium quality

    • o Quality of the consortium
    • o Added value through co-operation
    • o Realistic and clearly defined project management and planning
    • o Reasonable cost structure
  • • Impact - Market and Commercialisation
    • o Market application and impact
    • o Market access and risk
    • o Competitive advantage
    • o Clear and realistic commercialisation plan
  • • Excellence - Innovation and R&D
    • o Degree of innovation
    • o New applied knowledge
    • o Level of Technical challenge
    • o Technical achievability and risk
  • • Contact with NFAs
    • o Contact with National Funding Authorities

SMART projects must clearly show technical innovation and application excellence regarding future and new products/processes, manufacturing related services or advanced production equipment. The Call for projects addresses the manufacturing technologies broadly, from the process till the equipment, the digitalisation or the environmental friendly manufacturing, as the 6 SMART research and innovation domains show it:


  1. Advanced Manufacturing Processes - that includes innovative processing for either new and current material or products.

  2. Intelligent and Adaptive Manufacturing Systems - that includes Innovative Manufacturing equipment at components and system levels. Also, including mechatronics, control and monitoring systems.

  3. Digital, Virtual and Efficient Companies - that includes Factory design, data collection and management, operation and planning, from real time to long term optimization approaches.

  4. Person-Machine Collaboration - that includes the enhancement of the role of people in manufacturing.

  5. Sustainable Manufacturing - that includes innovative processes and systems for sustainability in terms of energy and resource consumption and impact in the environment.

  6. Customer-based Manufacturing - that includes involving customers in manufacturing value chain, from product process design to manufacturing associated innovative services.


Funding details

Funding is granted via EUREKA Countries' national programmes. With the assistance of SMART Public Authorities Board, Project Proposers are informed about the funding possibilities from the beginning of submission process.

In order to prepare a successful proposal, you need to be aware that there may be significant differences in funding procedures. You must therefore make sure that your project proposal fits within national public authorities' priorities and funding rules before you submit it to SMART.

In the SMART web you can find contact details for various National Funding Agencies, which support the funding of SMART projects. For further information you can contact us at

For countries not represented in the PAB, you should contact the appropriate EUREKA National Project Coordinator.

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