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RobMoSys 1st Open Call
Deadline: Oct 9, 2017  

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Contribute to the RobMoSys ecosystem with great research funding opportunities

The first RobMoSys Open Call will be opening on July 10th and closing on October 9th, 2017 (5 pm Brussels time). There will be 6-7 projects selected to start on March 1st 2018 with a runtime of 12 months.


What is it about?

Project RobMoSys, co-funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under agreement No 732410, foresees as an eligible activity the provision of financial support to third parties, as means to achieve its own objectives.

The vision of RobMoSys is to create better models, as the basis for better tools and better software, which then allow to build better robotic systems.


What are we looking for in the first RobMoSys Open Call?

The project asks for contributions that realise a step change in system-level composition for robotics, and that demonstrate this in real-world scenarios. The step change must not only be visible in the modelling foundation of the contributions, but also in the industry-grade quality of their realisation. Indeed, in the medium-term future, companies should be able to rely on the RobMoSys outcomes to build robotic applications by composing high quality composable models and associated software functions.

Proposals need to illustrate their contribution in a relevant use-case with coverage of all of the followingtoolingmodels and associated software (implementations that realise the models, and that are created/configured by the tooling) demonstrated on system-level prototypical scenarios in, e.g., navigation and manipulation.


Which types of activities qualify for financial support?

To achieve this goal, types of activities that qualify for financial support are software developments under the form of:

  • Models
    • Composable models of components (ports, blocks, connectors enriched with composition constraints, resource requirements, etc.).
    • Models of system-level composition (system composed out of models of components) within a relevant use-case (composition for design-time or run-time composability).
    • Models to realise an architectural pattern, a design principle or best practice.
  • Tools and Meta-Models
    • Extensions and/or improvements of, the provided RobMoSys meta-models (for instance for additional non-functional concerns such as Quality of Service, timing, performance, etc.).
    • Extensions and/or improvements of, the provided RobMoSys tools baseline (e.g. for design-time predictability, sanity checks, composability analysis, formal conformance verification, etc.). The current RobMoSys tools baseline is available here.

It is crucial that the contributions to the RobMoSys ecosystem strictly adhere to the RobMoSys modelling principles (composability, and conformity to meta-models). Full open source contributions are preferred but not mandatory. However, we expect at least the models and their transformations to proprietary tools to be under an open source license. Let us also note that in the first open call, we prefer projects that illustrate their contribution in the domain of robot-centric motion, navigation and manipulation.

The RobMoSys technical user-stories provide a variety of possible topics that RobMoSys encourages to consider.

Because of the expected step change contributions, the Call welcomes, in particular, consortia offering complementary, multi-disciplinary competences that go beyond the mainstream robotics community; for example, robotics experts teaming up with software engineering people, or tool builders, or experts from automotive, aerospace, embedded, cyber physical systems.

More information and the full call documents, including the guides for applicants and an electronic submission system, can be found here by July 10, 2017. Please also note the call basics and details on the financial support offered below.


Brokerage Days

Find out more at our Brokerage events in Leuven, Belgium on July 5th and in Frankfurt, Germany on August 24th 

The Brokerage days will inform you about the RobMosys approach and give you details on why and how to participate. You will get first hand information on the project and the chance to explain your ideas and find suitable partners for your application. The event will give you all the details on the call and room for questions. The call offers research funding opportunities to research institutions, universities, industries, SMEs, located in the EU. To register for the Brokerage Events, click here.

A summary as well as all presentations of the first Brokerage day in Leuven can be found here: 

If you cannot make it to one of our two Brokerage days for the first call, please register for our online-Brokerage page:

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