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Deadline: Jun 29, 2016  

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The OrganiCity experimentation platform, tools and urban data streams are ready to host your projects. Your urban experiment can improve the challenges faced by Aarhus, London or Santander; and help test and develop the capabilities of the OrganiCity platform.

OrganiCity is now inviting proposals for experiments to run in our three lead cities. The open call offers funding of up to 60.000 € to kick start your ideas or projects.

The mission of OrganiCity is to test how the cities of the future could offer a service for experimentation with urban data. This is a collaborative research project funded by the European Commission, we do not have any commercial goals.


What makes a good experiment?

We’re looking for three characteristics which make a good experiment.

  • Your work must make use of the extensive OrganiCity urban data platform and tools. You don’t need to use every tool, but you must use some and provide us with feedback on what needs improvements. In addition, or alternatively, you may enhance the platform or add a tool. This will help the platform mature to host your and others’ experiments.
  • Your project must include a new idea. This could be a new technology in the city or an old technology in a new context. It might be a new way of understanding or combining datasets, or a way of getting that data into the right hands and generating impact. The possibilities are endless, but you must explain what makes your experiment innovative. Don’t worry, we will keep your intellectual property safe (regardless of the outcome of your proposal) – our goal is to help you in making it happen. We want you to create a positive impact in the city, so we have identified several local challenges (read here about Aarhus Challenges, London Challenges and Santander Challenges), which we hope will inspire your experiment. You can also browse and share ideas in OrganiCity Scenarios and share your own ideas in order to gather feedback or collaborate with others.
  • Co-creation lies at the heart of everything we do in OrganiCity. You must co-create your experiment with citizens or communities, whichever urban stakeholders will use and be affected by your project. You must have a solid plan for involving the people whom your idea most affects, involves or helps. Remember, you can collaborate with your fellow citizens to find communities, coders, makers… whoever you need to make your project a reality.


How do I apply?

We’ve made the application process as open and transparent as possible. Your first step should be to choose which OrganiCities you wish to work in and what challenge (or challenges) you would like to address with your experiment. Each of our cities has announced local challenges (read them at Aarhus, London, Santander) to help you create impactful ideas, but you may build a case for a different challenge which you have identified.

Explore the OrganiCity Tools and available data streams to understand how these can host and complement your experiment and decide which will be most useful for you – or if you might wish to expand our tools with your own project.


If your experiment requires less than 10.000 € in funding, you are eligible for our Rolling Open Call. This means there are three opportunities for funding with deadlines at noon (CET) on June 29th, September 19th, and November 1st 2016. If you require between 10,000 € and 60.000 € in funding, you must apply for our Fixed Open Call, which closes on 29th of June 2016 at noon (CET).

The experimentation period will start September 2016. Your experiment can last as long or as little as you want between September 2016 and January 2017.

The application process is completely online and you can begin you application here. Most major browsers are supported, but Internet Explorer is not recommended. Your application must be in English. You’ll need to write about:

  • Your idea
  • Your plan and milestones
  • The tools you will use
  • Your plan to co-create with citizens,
  • Your team and an outline of your budget

The specific questions are detailed in the Open Call Instructions.


Where can I find more information?

You can look for answers in the FAQ for experimenters, which will be updated as new questions emerge. We’ve tried to ensure that there are no surprises, but we recommend you to read the full Open Call Instructions before applying.

Should you have any further questions or need assistance, you may email our helpdesk (in English) on We will also organise local “clinics” (in your local language); open meetings in Aarhus, London and Santander to answer any questions or help with struggles you might have around submitting your proposal, using the tools, or meeting the right people to collaborate with. Please keep an eye on our Twitter and the local Aarhus Facebook, London Facebook and Santander Facebook pages as well as

For your reference, you can find all necessary documents at the following links:

  • Open call instructions – all the information to apply
  • Budget template – fill in as part of your application [direct download]
  • OrganiCity experimenter agreement – to be signed by successful applicants
  • Aarhus local challenges 
  • London local challenges
  • Santander local challenges
  • Frequently asked questions – updated with the latest questions

Public link:   Only for registered users

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