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Network of towns 2016 - second deadline
Deadline: Sep 1, 2016  

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Municipalities and associations working together on a common theme in a long-term perspective may wish to develop networks of towns to make their cooperation more sustainable. Networking between municipalities on issues of common interest appears to be an important means for enabling the exchange of good practices.

Twinning is a strong link that binds municipalities; therefore, the potential of the networks created by a series of town twinning links should be used for developing thematic and long-lasting cooperation between towns. The European Commission supports the development of such networks, which are important for ensuring structured, intense and multifaceted cooperation, therefore contributing to maximizing the impact of the Programme.

Priority is given to networks targeting annual priority themes.

Networks of Towns are expected to:

  • Integrate a range of activities around the subject(s) of common interest to be addressed in the context of the Programme’s objectives or annual priorities

  • Have defined target groups for which the selected themes are particularly relevant and involve community members active in the subject area (i.e. experts, local associations, citizens and citizens’ groups directly affected by the theme, etc.); 

  • Serve as a basis for future initiatives and actions between the towns involved, on the issues addressed or possibly on further issues of common interest. 


Selection procedure

In addition to the general eligibility, exclusion, selection and award criteria described above (see 2.1 to 2.3) the following specific eligibility criteria for networks of towns have to be fulfilled.


Specific criteria for Networks of Towns:

A. Applicant and partners

1. Type of organisation/ Applicants:

  • Towns/municipalities or their twinning committees or networks;

  • Other levels of local/regional authorities;

  • Federations/associations of local authorities.

  • Non-profit organisations representing local authorities

2. Partners:

In addition to the applicants mentioned above under point 1. non-profit civil society organisations can be partners to those projects.

2.1. Number of Partners
A project must involve municipalities from at least 4 eligible countries of which at least one is an EU Member State.


B. Project nature and dimension

1. Number of participants
A project must involve a minimum of 30% of invited participants. "Invited participants" are international participants sent by the eligible partner/s.

2. Budget
Maximum eligible grant for a project: 150 000 EUR

3. Venue and number of activities
The activities must take place in any of the eligible countries. At least 4 events per project have to be foreseen.

4. Eligibility period/project duration

The project must start within the relevant eligibility period, which depends on the deadline of the Measure within which the application is submitted (see calendar).

Maximum project duration is 24 months. 

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