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National Contact Points for the Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) strand of ESF+
Deadline: Aug 25, 2021  
- 62 days

 Social Innovation
 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Education and Training
 European social fund (ESF)
 Social and Welfare


Support national authorities in establishing and maintaining a National Contact Point (one per country) to inform about the EaSI strand, its opportunities, application requirements, projects and results in their country, assist in sharing and promoting results and support (potential) beneficiaries, the public, stakeholders, and optionally support other NCPs in their tasks.

In order to achieve the expected impact regarding replication and scaling of the results as indicated below in this call, the National Contact Points shall establish seamless cooperation with the National Competence Centres for Social Innovation, which are currently supported by the EaSI programme and ESF technical assistance.


Assist the national authorities in establishing or maintaining a National Contact Point in support of the EaSI strand.


The financial support shall take the form of a lump sum contribution for a standard package and an optional package. The standard packages should cover at least:

1. setting up and running a helpdesk within three months from starting the implementation period by establishing and maintaining a functional mailbox and dedicated phone number available 20 hours per week over 5 working days,

2. setting up and running a functional website within three months from starting the implementation period, which explains EaSI in the national language and contains contact details of the NCP,

3. organising and running two EaSI related events or webinars with at least 15 participants and a minimum duration of a 4 hours for half a day.

The optional package should contain at least the following deliverables:

  1. organising and running an additional EaSI related event or webinar under the same conditions as above;
  2. visiting an EaSI related project, which brings added value for the implementation of the EaSI programme,
  3. translation costs of EaSI related documents,
  4. sending employees for job shadowing to another NCP,
  5. receiving employees for job shadowing from another NCP

The overall lump sum will be calculated based on unit costs for these various activities.

Expected Impact:

Fully operational National Contact Points reaching out to a larger pool of potential applicants and stakeholders, supporting the submission of better quality proposals under the programme and disseminating project results, thus facilitating their replication and upscaling, in synergies with other sources of funds

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