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Interreg Baltic Sea Region - first call for project platform applications
Deadline: Feb 28, 2018  

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Interreg Baltic Sea Region opens the first call for applications for project platforms. The main aim of project platforms is to increase the impact of Interreg Baltic Sea Region's and other EU-funded projects in the area. Project platforms shall ensure a more intensive use, better durability and transferability of the projects’ outcomes.

Applicants planning to develop a project platform are asked to consult their idea with the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat (MA/JS). Only if a platform idea is in line with the concept of this instrument, applicants are invited to submit full applications to the MA/JS. The Monitoring Committee selects project platforms for funding.

The deadline for submitting full applications via the online system BAMOS is 28 February 2018. We kindly ask the applicants to plan and consider that only after consultations access to the application system BAMOS is granted.

For more details on the application procedure, timeline and necessary documents, check the information below.


What is a project platform?

A project platform is a framework for cooperation of core partners of projects funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region and other funding programmes in a certain thematic field. It involves cooperation with other stakeholders in that thematic field beyond project partnerships, for example coordinators of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Project platforms will be implemented as projects within the framework of Interreg Baltic Sea Region. Platform partners need to provide own contribution to the platform budget to receive Programme co-financing.


Why to establish project platforms?

The main aim of project platforms is to increase the impacts of Interreg Baltic Sea Region and other EU-funded projects in the area. Therefore, project platforms are expected to:

  • ensure more intensive use, better durability and transferability of projects’ outcomes;

  • support communication of projects in their core thematic fields;

  • create a platform for exchange to streamline activities of different projects and to avoid duplication of efforts; and

  • deepen knowledge about projects’ outcomes in the selected field.

The instrument reflects Interreg Baltic Sea Region’s ambition to contribute to institutional capacity building in the region.


Which outcomes will project platforms bring?

Project platforms will concentrate on selected activities bringing the biggest benefit in the specific thematic field. Project platforms could deliver outputs such as:

  • policy papers or studies on the state of play and needs in the specific thematic field of the platform;

  • agreements on joint standards in the specific thematic field;

  • collection of best approaches to reaching end users of the project

    outcomes and their pilot implementation;

  • joint analysis of further potential financing sources that could be used for

    the implementation of project outcomes;

  • political statements endorsed as a result of strategic processes with

    participation of high level officials;

  • models demonstrating practical approaches to the coordination of


  • task-oriented networks established to address particular challenges.


Which topics can be covered by project platforms?

Project platforms must be in line with the thematic priorities of the Programme: priority 1 innovation, priority 2 natural resources and priority 3 transport. In addition, a specific focus may be set on future oriented topics where transnational cooperation is important.


Who can join the project platform?

The core partnership should be based on Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects.

In addition, the coordinators of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region as well as partner organisations from projects from other Interreg programmes, such as South Baltic, Central Baltic, North Sea Region, Central Europe, Northern Periphery and Arctic as well as the BONUS Programme and other EU funding programmes are invited to join.

Furthermore, platforms are encouraged to involve other important stakeholders (e.g. intergovernmental organisations or national decision- makers) as associated organisations.


How to compose a partnership?

A project platform has to involve at least three project partners from three different countries of the Programme area: a lead partner and at least two project partners. The partners have to represent at least two different projects co-financed by Interreg Baltic Sea Region and at least one project of another EU funding programme.


What is the size of a project platform?

The total budget for a project platform can be up to EUR 1,000,000. Project partners have to provide their own contribution to receive Programme co- financing. The level of these contributions depends on the Programme co- financing rate which varies between countries and funds (from 50% to 85%).


What can be financed?

The majority of the platform funding is expected to cover staff costs, travel and accommodation costs as well as costs related to organisation of events and other communication activities. External expertise may be included, if needed. The Programme rules for eligibility of costs apply.


What is the duration of the project platforms?

Project platforms may plan up to 36 months (but end not later than September 2021).


How to apply?

Calls for project platform applications are announced on the Programme website, after approval of the Monitoring Committee. The first call will be opened in October 2017.

The Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat (MA/JS) supports the development of project platforms by providing feedback to the project platform ideas and organising platform development events. All applicants are required to consult their project platform idea with the MA/JS. For this, they should complete a platform idea form (available at and ask for feedback. This consultation is a prerequisite for obtaining access to the online application system (BAMOS).


How will project platform applications be selected?

The MA/JS verifies the completeness and correctness of the submitted applications (admissibility check). It also carries out the quality assessment based on the criteria listed in the Programme Manual. The assessment results will be presented to the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Monitoring Committee, which will select the project platforms for funding.

Further information and assistance

The official Programme documents are available on the Programme website:

  • Interreg Baltic Sea Region Cooperation Programme

  • Programme Manual

  • Application package for project platform applications
    (first call publication planned in October 2017)

Public link:   Only for registered users

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