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Innovation investments Strand 2a - MANU
Deadline: Oct 18, 2022  
- 265 days

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Natural Resources
 Waste Management
 Industrial Manufacturing
 Education and Training
 High Performance Computing
 Artificial Intelligence


This topic focuses on improving the delivery of new or improved products, processes or services in the manufacturing industry. In the context of advanced manufacturing; knowledge and innovative technologies are used to produce complex products and improve processes to lower waste, pollution, material consumption and energy use. Robotics, 3D and 4D printing, artificial intelligence as well as high performance computing for modelling are important elements in advanced manufacturing.

The present call for proposals under this topic supports interregional innovation investments for the uptake of new or improved manufacturing solutions, as well as for supporting industry to face the challenge of digitalisation and to promote the shift towards a more environmentally sustainable production (zero pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment).

At least 70% of the grant must be allocated to investments in companies.

If the proposal is related to the topics of digital transition or green transition in the smart manufacturing, then the applicant should submit the proposal under the smart manufacturing topic.


Themes and priorities

The present call for proposals under this topic encourages applications in one or a combination of the following intervention areas (a non-exclusive list):

  • Demonstration processes, i.e. helping new products to reach the market faster or having more efficient and sustainable processes adopted by the industry.
  • Valorisation of research results and practical applications. This might include the active involvement of ecosystems and the co-creation process with stakeholders and end-users.
  • Connecting or making complementary use of testing and demonstration facilities at interregional level. In this framework, synergies with circularity hubs are encouraged.
  • Improving the use of natural resources and in the reuse of materials, promoting circularity models (de- and remanufacturing) and investments in carbon neutrality. Specific implementation (including funding) strategies can be envisaged, ensuring the participation of all stakeholders (industry, SMEs, local authorities, educational institutions and civil society).
  • Implementation of interregional demonstration cases to test and replicate the results.
  • Innovation diffusion and involvement of SMEs in EU value chains.
Expected Impact:


  • Deploying new green and digital technologies fostering the growth of Europe’s manufacturing sector
  • Innovative technologies adopted by SMEs


  • Making the EU industry more efficient and sustainable
  • Reinforcing the capacity of regions to co-invest together, joining forces on common S3 investment priorities (interregional investments).
  • Innovation diffusion


  • Reinforcing/reshaping EU value chains whilst increasing the competitiveness of the EU in global markets.
  • Unlocking the innovation potential of EU regions/countries.

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