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INCluSilver Innovation Vouchers
Deadline: Oct 15, 2017  

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INCluSilver Innovation Vouchers

The INCLuSilver project offers 3 types of vouchers that will be allocated to SMEs who meet the qualifications for application. The vouchers cover learning and partnering and finalisation of products. They are worth between € 3,000 – €60,000, depending on the the type of voucher. You can read about the different types of vouchers the project offers below.



How to apply for the INCluSilver Vouchers

There are two categories of vouchers you can apply for:


1. The Ideas Innovation Voucher

The Ideas Innovation Voucher funds the participation and travel costs of two innovation training and networking events: the first in Budapest and the second in Brussels in 2018 (the date will be announced next year). The events will be held in order to foster networking and collaboration between SMEs from different sectors and help new ideas to flourish. You can see more about INCluSilver’s events in our calendar.

The first of the two events will be held on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Invitation and programme to come.
Deadline for application: Sunday, October 15, 2017

Read more about INCluSilver and our distinguished panel of experts. Find more information on the 2IV here and the application process here.

To participate in the event, click on the button below to be sent to the application page.

2. The Proposal Innovation Vouchers and International Property Rights Innovation Voucher

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