German call on Production for Medical Technology
Deadline: Jan 31, 2018  

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Call description

Production research creates preconditions for adapting today’s production continuously to the future requirements of the market, the environment, and society. Highly efficient production of innovative medical products offers a high potential for modern, appropriate design of health care. At the same time, it opens up new economic opportunities to enterprises in medical technology.

The value chains and value networks required to manufacture innovative medical products must be highly flexible. At the same time, manufacturers are under tremendous pressure of costs. New technologies, such as additive manufacture, the use of new materials, and digitization of production, also influence the production of new medical products.

A further challenge, but also an opportunity, is represented by the intelligent combination of products and services allowing new fields of business to be developed.

Answering these challenges, the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) has opened a call on “Production for Medical Technologies”.

This funding measure is to support manufacturing industries in developing, prototyping and validating, under economic aspects, value chains and networks to manufacture medical products by innovative production techniques.

The Call closes on the 31st of January 2018.


Eligibility criteria

  • Development of new production processes and facilities for medical products. Innovation of the new processes lies in the novel character of the manufacturing process or the use of new materials or the manufacture of novel medical products with novel product characteristics.
  • Innovative advanced development of high-precision production systems and processes for making medical products. Need for development lies in particular in the variation / optimization of plant or plant components so as to increase the level of automation and the associated adaptation of processes. In this respect, also qualification and transfer of established production processes from non- medico-technical areas may be considered.
  • Investigation of new methods and approaches in the development of medical products with new / improved properties, e.g. by integration of functions or integral design.

It must be ensured that the results are utilized by the companies.

Funding details

Although the call is nationally bound, it offers the possibility of accepting German consortia bringing along international partners through EUREKA. Cooperation is supported if clear added value can be achieved by jointly working on issues to the benefit of not just individual companies, but to whole industries and fields of research. The advantages of including international partners must be demonstrated. The proportion of foreign partners must be financed via the respective national programmes (Link to NPC page).

German partners in EUREKA consortia are strongly advised to read the complete German call text so as to take into account all requirements to be complied with by their outline proposal.

In addition, they might wish to consult the BMBF production research website for further information.

Full English version of the call text 

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