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European VOD networks and operators
Deadline: Oct 5, 2021  
- 102 days

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The aim of the action is to increase cross-border collaboration between existing European VOD services.

Expected results:

  • Strengthen the cross-border collaboration among European Video On Demand (VOD) platforms through joint/collaborative activities to increase the online audience of European audiovisual content;
  • Strengthen the attractiveness of eligible European Video On Demand (VOD) platforms for cross-border audiences and online consumption at a larger scale;
  • Improve the digital circulation and consumption of European content by boosting its visibility, discoverability and prominence;
  • Develop new business models and achieve cross-border economies of scope and scale.

Description of the activities to be funded:

Joint/collaborative actions across borders with the aim to improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of European VOD platforms offering a significant proportion of non-national European audiovisual works as well as to increase the accessibility, visibility, discoverability and prominence of European content for a wider global audience (European and international).

Special attention will be given to applications presenting adequate strategies to ensure gender balance, inclusion, diversity and representativeness.



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