EURIPIDES² call for projects
Deadline: Mar 10, 2016  

 Medical equipment
 Electronics and Microelectronics
 Aeronautics Industries
 Automotive Industries
 Cross-border cooperation
 Partnership Management

Call description

Do you want to work with partners beyond national borders, developing new products or working on pre-competitive R&D? Do you want to access new markets, technologies and skills? Do you want to gain recognition through your involvement in a large research project?

EURIPIDES² may be the ideal tool for you.

The EUREKA Cluster EURPIDES² aims at developing tomorrow’s innovation in the field of Smart Electronics systems: smart sensors, smart power modules, electronic hardware platforms and more generally electronic product integration and embedded systems for automotive, aeronautics and space, security, medical electronics, smart everywhere (cities, home, wearable, implanted, enmeshed) and industrial electronics.

Eligibility criteria

  • At least two EUREKA countries (members or associated), all other countries can participate if two EUREKA countries are already involved
  • Innovative product, process or service for civilian purpose: new or significant improvement of existing solutions.
  • Industry driven
  • Reflect market demand, market pull, market expectations at least two years after complexion of the project
  • Balanced consortium (One country cannot exceed 75%)
  • Fair share of Return of Investment for each industrial partners
  • Impact on markets, employment and production
  • Project in line with the clusterVision Mission and Strategy

Funding details

according to national funding procedures.

The EURIPIDES² website (public funding) informs you on the latest  funding rates and eligibility rules for each EUREKA country.

EURIPIDES² launches two calls per year, in a two-step approach, to maximise the chances for success and avoid unnecessary time consuming efforts in setting up projects.

At both stages, the EURIPIDES² Office checks whether public funding would be available for partners through the Public authorities’ network.

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