EUREKA - EUROGIA2020 Call 07 :Get your best ideas funded
Deadline: Nov 18, 2016  

 Technology Transfer
 Low-Carbon Technology
 Low-Carbon Economy
 Energy Efficiency
 Intelligent Energy


EUROGIA2020, as a EUREKA Cluster, is committed to enhancing the competitiveness of European industry through the promotion of cross-border, market-oriented industrial innovation. 

Projects' participants must be organisations from the EUREKA Member Countries . As a consortium of partners, they submit a project proposal to EUROGIA2020 for technical evaluation.

General Rules :

  • The consortium must comprise at least two industrial companies-Large, Small or Medium sized enterprises- from two different EUREKA member countries. The active participation of research institutes or universities is strongly encouraged when not made mandatory.
  • EUROGIA2020 projects must clearly show technical innovation in the future product/process or service (either through using new devices or in the utilization of existing devices in a new application).
  • The project must have a strong market and exploitation orientation.
  • The contribution from any given country must not exceed 66% of the total budget.  In parallel, the contribution from any one partner (affiliated organisations count as one partner) must not exceed 66% of the total budget either.



The application process for a EUROGIA2020 project proposal is a two-stage submission and evaluation procedure.

The first phase will be to complete and submit a Project Outline (PO) of maximum 15 pages.The project coordinator is invited to present
it through a 20 minutes oral presentation in front of the Technical Committee and it will be followed by 20 minutes questioning.  

Second phase: upon a successful evaluation of the PO by the Technical Commitee, and based on the feedback from concerned 
Public Authorities, the applicants will be invited to fill in and submit a Full Project Proposal (FPP). 

Following the evaluation of the FPP, the Technical Committee will give its recommendations to the EUROGIA+ Board, who in turn will decide to label the project.

With this label, project participants can apply for funding in their respective countries.

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