EUREKA - Advanced Manufacturing call for projects
Deadline: Apr 21, 2017  

 Sustainable Development
 Industrial Manufacturing
 Industrial Textile Manifacturing
 Manufacturing 2.0

Participating countries

  • Czech Republic 
  • France
  • Hungary
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Turkey 


This thematic Eureka Call for Network Projects on Advanced Manufacturing aims at developing tomorrow´s innovation in the field of advanced manufacturing within the following technological areas:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing Processes - that includes innovative processing for either new and current material or products.
  2. Intelligent and Adaptive Manufacturing Systems - that includes Innovative Manufacturing equipment at components and system levels. Also, including mechatronics, control and monitoring systems.
  3. Digital, Virtual and Efficient Companies - that includes Factory design, data collection and management, operation and planning, from real time to long term optimization approaches.
  4. Person-Machine Collaboration - that includes the enhancement of the role of people in manufacturing.
  5. Sustainable Manufacturing - that includes innovative processes and systems for sustainability in terms of energy and resource consumption and impact in the environment.
  6. Customer-based Manufacturing - that includes involving customers in manufacturing value chain, from product process design to manufacturing associated innovative services.

A more detailed definition of these technological areas can be found in the Annexe I of this call text.

All participating countries will provide any necessary assistance to project partners during project proposal, evaluation and monitoring phase. In addition, all parties will facilitate Eureka application process and acquisition of the EUREKA label for accepted proposals.

These organizations will also provide access to public funding for labelled joint projects. The support will be given to each partner by its own Authorities in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations and procedures in effect, on a non-exchange of funds basis, and subject to budgetary availability.

Eligibility criteria


Eligible partners are invited to present joint proposals for industrial R&D projects according to the following criteria:

  • The project consortiums should consist of at least one company from a Eureka Full Member Country taking part in this Call (Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Spain, Sweden or Turkey) and a second, independent company from any of the countries mentioned in this Call Text. Participation of research institutes/universities is welcome as partners or subcontractors according to each country’s funding regulations.
  • Partners from other countries may also participate. These partners' participation follows EUREKA participation and financing rules and procedures and the funding regulations of these partners' countries of origin. Notably:
    • Belgium is not taking part in this Call, but Belgian partners can contact their project officers to discuss about potential funding alternatives. Please contact Ms Mathilde Reumaux
    • Malta is not taking part in this Call, but Maltese partners can contact Ms Oxana Mercieca to discuss about potential funding alternatives.
    • Germany will not join this call, but open an upcoming national call on production technology to EUREKA proposals.
  • The project partners must express the will to cooperate, on an equal base, to the development of a new product, industrial process or service in the area of Advanced Manufacturing. The product, process or service must be innovative and there must be a technological risk involved.
  • The projects should come up within applied research and experimental development as defined in the Frascati manual.
  • The project should have an obvious advantage and added value resulting from the technological cooperation between the participants (e.g. increased knowledge base, commercial leads, access to R&D infrastructure etc.).
  • The project should demonstrate the contribution of all the partners from the participating countries on an equal base, and the project must be equally significant to them.
  • The participants are required, prior the official endorsement of the Eureka High Level Group, to have signed a consortium agreement.

Any partner whose cooperative R&D project is consistent with the aforesaid criteria can apply to the present announcement in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations and procedures in effect.


Submission and approval procedures


Phase 1

In the First Phase, partners will be asked to present a project outline in English via the following EUREKA Project Application Form

  • The completed EUREKA Project Application Form should be submitted by the main participant to the following email: advancedmanufacturing@eurekanetwork.orguntil 21 April 2017, 05:00 pm CET.
  • The forms have to be legally signed by all the partners involved in the consortium. The signatures must be scanned and sent together with the EUREKA form as an integral part of the application of the First Phase.
  • The forms will be screened and evaluated by EUREKA National Project Coordinators (NPCs) assisted by technical experts in the National Funding Bodies (NFBs) to check the feasibility of the project outlines and to detect the weaknesses.
  • The NPCs will contact the applicants from their respective country participating in every project outline before 10 May 2017 in order to invite them to go ahead to the Second Phase (giving the advice about how to improve the information included in the Eureka Application Form, if necessary) or to explain them why the project outline can´t be supported at that stage.

Phase 2

In the Second Phase, partners with approved outlines will submit their updated EUREKA Project Application Form, the Consortium Agreement (signed by all the participants) and their national applications according to its own procedures no later than 8 June 2017, 05:00 pm CET.

Most of the countries involved in this Call can accept Second Phase applications that weren´t sent in the First Phase in a case by case basis. However, contact by email with the officers in charge of this Call, in the countries involved, must be done in advance to verify the feasibility of this procedure.

More information about the national Phase 2 process can be found in the Call for project information document


Funding details


Each country will fund its eligible participants within EUREKA framework. Funding conditions and eligibility criteria may vary from country to country. As summary, main aspects of funding criteria are explained below, and a table presenting the deadlines for finishing the national funding procedures and the type of participants eligible for funding in each country is included in Annex II.

The funding process of Labelled Projects will start immediately after the Labelling according to the national procedures and timelines in place and will be finished by the end of January 2018 at the latest. Labelled projects with secured funding will be endorsed in the High Level Group meetings that will take place during the Finish Chairmanship of Eureka 2017-18.

More information about national funding rules can be found in the Call for project information document

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