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EU Prize for Women Innovators
Deadline: Apr 21, 2020  
- 55 days

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 Social Innovation
 Social Affaires and Inclusion
 Disadvantaged People
 Gender Equality
 Youth Workers
 Social and Welfare

Women are underrepresented in terms of creating innovative enterprises. This is an untapped potential for Europe, which needs to optimise all available resources to remain competitive and find solutions to our societal challenges.

This award scheme recognises the role of women in bringing about game-changing innovations to market, and celebrates the outstanding achievements of women running innovative companies. The EU Prize for Women Innovators will be awarded to up to four women innovators in total (three women in the main prize category, and one Rising Innovator at the beginning of her career) who have created the largest impact on the innovation ecosystem by transforming ideas into new and advanced products and/or services for the benefit of European citizens.

The European Commission will award three prizes of EUR 100,000 each for the Women Innovators category and EUR 50,000 for the Rising Innovator category.

The specific rules of the contest will be published each year by the European Commission (on the Funding & Tenders Portal but also actively publicised elsewhere to maximise participation), which will directly launch and manage the contest and award the prize based on the judgement of independent experts.


This activity is aimed at supporting the development and implementation of evidence-based R&I policies and supporting stakeholders. It is excluded from the delegation to REA and will be managed by the Commission services.

Expected Impact:

The prizes will boost public awareness of the potential, importance and contribution of women to the innovation ecosystem and create strong role models inspiring other women to become innovators themselves.

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