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Deadline: 30 Jun 2019   - 99 days

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What is it for: 


The deployment (art. 14), apprenticeships (art. 12) and online volunteering opportunities for senior and junior professionals shall contribute to:

•           Capacity building of vulnerable or disaster-affected communities in third countries;

•           Resilience building and disaster risk management in vulnerable, fragile or disaster- affected countries and forgotten crises;

•           Disaster prevention, preparedness, disaster risk reduction and recovery from natural and man-made disasters;

•           Enhancing the link between relief, rehabilitation and development;

•           Support to emergency response operations. 


Selection, preparation and deployment of junior and senior EU Aid Volunteers to contribute to strengthening the Union's capacity to provide needs-based humanitarian aid aimed at r the capacity and resilience of vulnerable and disaster-affected communities in third countries by means of disaster preparedness, disaster risk reduction and by enhancing the link between relief, rehabilitation and development.

Volunteers must be managed according to the volunteer management standards and procedures laid down in the EU Aid Volunteers legislative acts ( ) , including with regard to the supervision and task assignment of the volunteer and the provision of learning and development opportunities.

Support for emergency response operations may include capacity building activities by senior EU Aid Volunteers and activities of junior and senior volunteers in logistics and transport, coordination, project management, finances and administration, communication and advocacy. EU Aid Volunteers deployed to provide support to emergency response operations shall not be deployed in the theatre of international and non-international armed conflicts. The indicative list of countries mentioned below applies to these deployments.

Expected results:

  • 450 junior/senior professionals EU Aid Volunteers selected, trained and deployed to communities in vulnerable and disaster-affected third countries.
  • Synergies and complementarity to EU-funded operations in humanitarian aid or civil protection in the respective countries / region
  • For 100 junior professionals: possibility to take part in apprenticeship placements of up to 6 months in Europe before deployment.
  • Online volunteering opportunities in order to support the activities of the projects have been created.



Publication of the call
1st quarter of 2019

Deadline for submitting applications
2nd quarter of 2019

Information to applicants
3rd quarter of 2019

Starting date of the project
4th quarter of 2019

Indicative timeline for selection and training of candidate volunteers within the Deployment project 2019 ( to be published soon)



Who can apply: 

Projects shall be designed and implemented by transnational partnerships involving:

  • at least two certified sending organisations from two different countries or at least one sending certified organisation from one country participating in the programme and the International Federation of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies;


  • at least two certified hosting organisations.

As defined in Article 10 (5) of Regulation 375/2014 and Article 8 (3) of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 1398/2014, in addition to the above-mentioned minimum number of project partners, other organisations may be associated to the project:

  • for-profit organisations;
  • other organisations specialised in any areas relevant to the objectives or the actions of the projects in order to contribute with their specific expertise.


Projects can dedicate a fraction of maximum 5% of the total project budget to deployments of volunteers to provide support for emergency response operations, as defined in Article 8 and Annex, Temathic priority 1 of Regulation (EU) No 375/2014.



How to apply: 

Organisations wishing to apply for EU Aid Volunteers Deployment are invited to submit applications on-line to the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency.

  1. Read the specific guidelines for this action and the call for proposals carefully.
  2. Register in the Participant Portal and receive a Participant Identification Code (PIC).
    All organisations participating in the proposal must have a PIC number. The PIC will be requested in the application form.
  3. Use the official application form (eForm). Please click here to access the eForm and the eForm User Guide.
  4. Submit your application online before the specified deadline. Make sure you have received a confirmation email.

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