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Enabling Aviation Infrastructure: CNS - SESAR-ER3-05-2016
Deadline: Mar 22, 2017  

 Aerospace Technology
 Aeronautics Industries
 Public Safety

Specific Challenge:

The current state of the art CNS systems are the result of very slow process where products have performed small incremental evolutions across the years. This process led to an important technological gap between what is implemented in the ATM domain and what is currently available in the public domain.

With reference to the SJU Annual Work Programme 2016, this topic covers Section 3.5.4, sub Work area 1.2 topic d).

Projects should investigate ways to brake this cycle and introduce innovative and disruptive technologies that, when applied to the CNS ATM domain could unlock unforeseen possibilities for the community. The investigated solutions should be compatible with the aviation requirements in terms of safety, security etc.


Projects are expected to propose ideas for combining existing on-board and ground equipment for enhancing CNS capabilities. Solution for integrated CNS solutions and the implications of having one technology performing the three services at the same time can be studies (single point of failure..).

In the communications domain future innovative data-link technologies (e.g. high-bandwidth) for ATM going well beyond current ATM developments and taking into account research and development outside ATM should be studied. This should include technology options suitable for the airport domain, continental airspace and oceanic and remote areas (including high latitudes and polar region). Research proposals are expected to address the research issues related to resistance/prevention to jamming and spoofing.

In the navigation domain innovative research ideas for advanced alternative PNT systems should be considered. Furthermore the transition from barometric to geometric (GNSS) altitude for collision avoidance issues can be studied. In addition the re-examination of both vertical and horizontal separation practices are needed in the light of improved navigation accuracy (better than declared RNP performance).

In surveillance domain research projects can address the Surveillance Performance analysis and Quality of Services (QoS) leading to a “performance based surveillance” approach that facilitates adoption of new technologies. Furthermore, research ideas are needed in the assessment of future role of non-cooperative technologies with global coverage (e.g. satellite-based, etc.) for ATM.

Expected Impact:

This research will demonstrate and quantify the potential for CNS developments to improve the efficiency and performance of the ATM system at many levels. Successful research in this topic will have the potential to generate high positive benefits for ATM in terms of resource efficient and fit-for-purpose CNS capabilities as well as improvements in security.

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