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Design, development and flight qualification of a supercritical composite shaft drive line for tiltrotor main drive system - JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-FRC-01-20
Deadline: 12 Jul 2018   CALL EXPIRED

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Specific Challenge:

The objective is to design a supercritical composite drive shaft line for a tilt rotor drive system, including the design, development, manufacturing, testing and flight qualification activities of its components. The drive shaft line architecture should conceive suitable supports (i.e bearings), should be able to guarantee a proper damping behaviour into the operating range (i.e. damper elements) and should cope with angular deflections, mainly due to wing bending (i.e. flexible couplings). The system should be equipped with dedicated innovative monitoring and diagnostic system able to properly and timely detect possible damages of the whole drive line. Please refer to the full topic descriptions document published in this call.

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