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Deployment of the AI-on-demand platform
Deadline: Aug 29, 2023  

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs
 IT Applications
 Education and Training


Outcomes and deliverables


  • The European AI-on-demand platform, including:
    • A visible catalogue of AI resources that are made in Europe and trustworthy
    • A one-stop shop to access AI tools for the European industry and for public administrations
    • A reference and trusted marketplace for trustworthy AI resources
    • Services in support of the public procurement of AI solutions
    • Interconnections to computing resources, data spaces and Testing and experimentation facilities developed under this programme
    • Established links with the network of European Digital Innovation Hubs to provide access of AI tools to SMEs and the public administration throughout Europe.
  • A governance mechanism in view of the future sustainability of the AI on demand platform.


  • Increased visibility to trustworthy innovations, in particular those made in Europe.
  • Easy access to AI tools by public administrations and European industry (in particular SMEs).

The objective of this action is to develop and deploy the AI-on-demand platform, providing the requirements and underlying mechanisms for such platform.


The awarded project will develop and deploy the AI-on-demand platform, taking into account the proposed requirements and mechanisms to optimise the impact of the AI-on-demand platform.

The platform will gather all the AI resources (algorithms and tools), and make them available to the potential users, businesses and public administration, with the necessary services to facilitate their integration. Activities shall build on results from the preparatory action, as well as previous relevant projects such as the AI-on-demand platform and the European Language Grid initiated under Horizon 2020. In addition, the platform should mobilise the European innovators to provide their products and services on the platform. The platform should become the reference for any user (industry or public service), a one-stop-shop to access AI tools to integrate into solutions, products, and services: a common good and market place for AI resources.

It will implement mechanisms defined in the preparatory action and further cooperate with the corresponding actions running in parallel to interconnect with the cloud-to-edge infrastructure, HPC resources, the data spaces, and the Testing and Experimentation Facilities (TEFs) – providing the TEFs with relevant AI and related resources, and hosting the results once validated in the TEFs, as applicable.

The platform will play the role of a central marketplace for AI tools, and a service layer providing support to users (incl. public administrations) for integration of AI solutions. In addition, it will bring the latest AI tools and solutions to the level of industrial standard requirements (code validation, quality check), connect to computing resources (e.g. HPC, cloud from this programme), data resources (e.g. data spaces from this programme, also datasets for training and validation), promote trustworthy AI development and deployment, facilitate the implementation of public procurement in AI, as well as raise awareness about best practices and success stories of AI applications in various domains. The AI-on-demand platform will also develop use-cases factory/library to support its activity. Specific attention will be given on guaranteeing that the resources on the platform respect the ethics guidelines issued by the High Level Expert Group on AI and the European AI Alliance and support the regulatory framework.

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Platform to include: Library/Catalogue of AI resources Access to AI tools Marketplace for AI resources with references (evaluated and checked for credibility ...