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Deadline: 13 Sep 2018   CALL EXPIRED

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 Internet of Things (IoT)

Call description

South Korea and Denmark jointly announce a Promotional Call for Project Ideas within the Eurostars2 programme. The call facilitate research and innovation in South Korea and Denmark. The call focuses on developing innovative products, applications and services with a strong market potential. Although Eurostars2 calls are open for projects within all technology areas, this South Korea – Denmark promotional call specially focuses on:

  • ICT: Internet of Things; AI & Robotics; Augmented & Virtual Reality; Cyber Security
  • Industry 4.0 technology: Semiconductors; Display; Memory
  • Materials and production technology
  • Smart transportation and infrastructure
  • Clean Energy Technology
  • Bio/Medtech

Eligibility criteria

Applicants will be invited to present proposals according to the Eurostars criteria:

  • The main applicant (the co-ordinator of the project) is a R&D performing SME.
  • The consortium includes at least one Korean and one Danish organization.
  • The lead organization of the consortium must be an R&D performing SME and Mid-tier company on the Korean side while the equivalent must be an R&D performing SME on the Danish side. Other SMEs, large enterprises and research institutes/universities are welcome to participate as additional participants or subcontractors.
  • At least 50% (excluding subcontracting costs) of the project must be performed by the participating R&D performing SME(s)
  • Industrial and innovation actors from other countries may also participate, as long as they are funded through their own national (Eurostars) schemes or participate with own resources.
  • The project demonstrates the contribution of the participants from both countries on an equal base, and the project is equally significant to all participants. One country cannot represent more than 75% of the project budget.

Submission and approval procedures

In order to submit the full application, you must register on the Eurostars website, and upload your proposal directly in the Eurostars application platform according to the joint Eurostars guidelines before 13th September.

However, in order to check the eligibility of your project and assist you with improving your application, we advise you to share a short description of your application with the Eurostars contact person in KIAT and Innovation Fund Denmark.

In case of Danish participants it is also recommended to apply for EUupSTART preproject funding. Next call deadlines 22nd May and 8th October. Find  more  information  about  the  programme

It is recommended to use the European Enterprise Network (EEN) for partner search. You can find information on EEN Denmark and EEN Korea.

Funding details

We are keen to facilitate collaboration between SMEs in the Republic of Korea and the Denmark, but there is no specific budget dedicated to this. The funding comes from the respective national budgets for Eurostars. Full proposals submitted will compete against any other proposal submitted within the Eurostars programme.

Both Korea and the Denmark will fund its eligible participants within the Eurostars framework, which means that funding conditions and eligibility criteria may vary.

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